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Internet Marketing has emerged, or I would say, was born in the early '90s and was a clear demonstration of the usual banal advertising. Now this area of ​​the advertising industry has transformed itself into something big and complex. Internet Marketing has expanded the field of activity from merely posting information about a product into selling information products, information space, and business models as well as using other more complex schemes and individual instruments. IM now allows any vendor or product to attract the target audience without the need for a large investment. Because of this opportunity small businesses have a chance to fight for their market share along with giant competitors.

No doubt, that IM as a natural evolution platform, evolves into its other form of reaching the audience – social networking. Clear and most well-known example of such network is no doubt Facebook, which brings together more than 450 million users. Every one of them interactors almost every day, every hour, every second. Facebook with its intense audience is still growing rapidly. For internet marketers Facebook must and should be a target audience, which awaits for various goods and services to be introduced.

Facebook expends aggressively to post-soviet space, which is happening every second of our conversation. Although there is some competition in Russian side of internet, for example VKontakte currently holds 70% of market share, Facebook magnitude of growth should not be underestimated, because dynamics of Facebook expansion in the number of users in post-soviet space is pretty impressive. Some of mobile carriers such as "Beeline", "MTS" in Russia even begin providing free access to Facebook's basic network functionality. This also, unduly enhances the competitiveness of Facebook expansion to Russia.

Facebook demonstrated stunning results in profiting last year total amount of $ 650 million, exceeding $ 1 billion by the end of the year. The amount of money passing through this social network could be compared with an annual budget of Ukraine, or any other small European country.

Facebook has extremely high effectiveness of online marketing campaigns as compared to conventional marketing methods. If two year ago Facebook usage was out of curiosity, now it became one of the main tools of advertising professionals. Viral marketing is a sparking example that Facebook is good at creating. Its applications and grouping allows viral marketing to grow in geometric progress.

These days marketers have realized that creating your own Facebook application, could give them a quick spread of information across Facebook network and even across entire internet, because applications can send invitations to all friends. Such feature is very powerful because friends and relatives tend to trust to each other.

In conclusion, one can say with no doubts that Facebook phenomenon will affect the rate of its growth. Its potentials are still yet to be explored and yet implemented.

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