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Did you know that if Facebook were a country it would have the 3rd largest population in the world. The Facebook phenomenon is something never before seen online. It's an amazing opportunity for Network Marketing Recruiters!

Facebook social marketing is about meeting people who are right for your business. And getting to know them through online contact. Your online friends will get to know you, like you and trust you. They may turn into leads. You never know who has exactly what you need or who may need exactly what you have.

To accomplish all this, here is your Facebook Strategy Guide.

1. Email signature

Your first step is to start connecting with your existing contacts. Add your Facebook profile link to your email signature. If you've been emailing someone and they see you're also on Facebook, there is a good chance they will add you as a friend. You now have an extra layer of connection to build on. It's all about social marketing. Your entire business is about connecting with people.

2. Starting a Group

A group on Facebook lets you start a small community of people with like interests who may not have met otherwise. Being the Group Organizer adds to your credibility. You can start a group for people who have questions about your company / opportunity, for business owners in your local area, even a group for people who support the same causes as you.

3. Event Invites

Facebook has the best event organizing features of any website online. Start an event on your Facebook calendar, invite friends, and they can click instantly wherever they are attending or not. You can schedule actual events where people will be invited to a venue, or you could organize an opportunity call event where people phone at a specific time to hear information about starting their own HOME business.

4. Posting Links

When you post a link to your profile, all your friends see it in their news feed. This means you should not just post dozens of your own links. People will get tired of that quickly and click to 'Hide' you. So when you find an interesting or funny website, post that too. Share your business successes, of course, but do not make that your only focus.

5. Feed Your Blog

You can automatically import all your blog posts to your Facebook profile, for your friends to see without having to go to your blog. This helps spread your message without having to do any extra work. Every link helps! You can use a website like to feed your blog into a number of social bookmarking sites at the same time, all automatically. It's like having a robot worker handling the boring tasks. Automate and duplicate! Teach your team to do the same.

6. Photo Gallery – know, like, trust

In Network Marketing it's important that you demonstrate expertise, success and VALUE to your possible enrollments. They need to know that the person they are considering signing up with can help them build a profitable business. They need to know you can help them succeed just as you have done. And there's no better way to accomplish this than an impressive photo gallery!

Your prospects can see you at training events, on stage, on vacation, with your family, driving the car you earn through your business, shaking hands with the CEO of your company, receiving your rewards … everything that shows people how involved you are with your business and how you are invested in your team's success!

7. Contact Info

You do not want the only interaction to be Wall Posts or Private Messages. Put your email address and phone number on your profile. Make yourself available. If you shut yourself off from people, limiting how they can get in touch and when, you will miss out on potential business partners who could help grow your income by thousands per month!

You've already done the hard work – generating a lead – now give them an easy way of getting in touch with you to discuss it more!

Facebook is the perfect online vehicle for Network Marketing Recruiters. It's Relationship Marketing like nothing that's ever exhausted in the history of the Network Marketing Industry. And now you know exactly how to use it.

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