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Since its creation several years back, Facebook has reached unbelievable growth rates, with Google struggling to hold on to the top. Facebook has successfully conquered country after country, leaving the other social networks such as Bebo, MySpace and StudiVZ as a distant memory.

Google started its battle with Facebook by launching a social networking and discussion site that they branded Orkut. The Orkut site had twice the size of Facebook last year. However in just a year's time, Facebook achieved an astounding audience of more than 500 million, putting Orkut's 28 million user base to shame. So how is Google going to address this?

How else but to launch their own social networking service! Although Google is still keeping the project under wraps, news about their secret project called Google Me has gone out. This new Google service will probably allow users to stay connected with each other through Google Profiles, which is currently available and once Google Me is in place, Google is expecting that it would be even bigger than Facebook.

And who will win this battle of the giants? It is difficult to say for now. One thing is because Google Me has not even been launched yet so the only basis for judging is on Google's previous fallible efforts. There is no double that Google leads realm, but it has yet to show its teeth in the arena of social networking.

It is equally hard to imagine anything at the moment that can be bigger and more popular than what Facebook has become, although history has shown otherwise, because MySpace was a huge success in social networking for a number of years. It won tides of followers from the younger generation but now it has become a thing of the past for most of us.

So will Google Me overtake Facebook just like what happened to MySpace? Or will Facebook hold its ground and remain at the forefront of social networking? For now, it is a wait-and-see type of game. Let Facebook enjoy its lead for the time being and see if Google Me has the potential to take over in the next few years.

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