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In today’s world, we’re connected more than ever before.  While you were dating, you called your ex on his or her cellphone, you emailed them, you text-messaged them, and you probably talked back and forth on Facebook all of the time.

Yet now that you’re broken up, what happens to all that contact?  Does it grind to a screeching halt, or can you continue talking to your ex through Facebook and MySpace, email or text-message, even though you’ve gone your separate ways?

Can you still be friends, much less Facebook friends, after splitting with your ex?

In all, breaking up just got a lot more complicated.  Because while you’re still connected to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, they’re still a part of your life.  And if they’re your Facebook friend to boot?  They’re also a part of your daily life.

To Friend or Not To Friend – That is The Question

So what’s the etiquette for breaking up online?  Obviously you’re no longer talking to or seeing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.  But just because the relationship didn’t work out, can’t you still be Facebook friends?  Or is leaving your ex as a friend too much an invasion of privacy?

The answer to those questions really depend upon one thing:  whether or not you want your ex back.  Because if you’re looking to fix the broken relationship and get back together as a couple again?  De-friending your ex is probably NOT a good idea.

Think of it this way: when you remove your ex from your Facebook contact list, he or she will immediately think you resent them.  They’ll see you as nasty or bitter about the breakup, even if you aren’t.

These things can hurt your chances of getting your ex back.  For this reason, you should probably not de-friend your ex after they’ve broken up with you… at least not right away.

At the same time however, you really don’t want your ex prying into your post-breakup social life.  Or do you?

How to Use Facebook To Get Your Ex Back

Used correctly, Facebook and MySpace can be used as very effective tools for making your ex want you back.  Because even though they may have broken up with you, rest assured that your ex is still following you as closely as possible on these social networking sites.

Yes, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is definitely checking up on you.  They’re looking for triumphs and failures, and reading your Facebook wall to see just how successful you’ve managed to be without them.

This is where showing your ex the best possible side of you is extremely important.  If you want your boyfriend or girlfriend back, you want them to think you’ve been having the time of your LIFE.  Your Facebook page should reflect good times and great things… experienced with you smiling happily in every photo, surrounded by tons of friends and family.

The more jealous you can make your ex of your new life – a life that no longer includes them – the faster you can get them back.  By making your ex want to be a part of that life, you’re ensuring that your boyfriend or girlfriend will reconsider their decision to break up with you in the first place.

So… want your ex back?  Don’t Defriend your ex from Facebook after breaking up.  Instead, learn how to use it to your advantage, and find out which methods are best for getting your ex to pick up that phone and contact YOU.

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