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Final expense agent jobs are flourishing currently, which means that those looking for employment should seriously consider this field. These jobs are a great way to make a good income – as are most insurance jobs – whilst also providing an environment where you can meet various people all through the day. There are various places online where you can learn about the ins and outs of the role and how to sell final expense insurance.

The basic requirements to start up in a final expense sales job are minimal – yet another reason why this career is so enticing to many. All that is needed is a license to operate in the state you live in, some knowledge on the industry and some companies on the books who offer great rates. Finally, a little presentation that you can make to clients always goes a long way to securing their signature.

When it comes to a final expense sales job, the visiting of the potential customer is key, as this is the time you get to sell your product. Some small talk plus a bit of sales banter is essential, and should it be done correctly there is every chance of making up to $500 on every deal. Just imagine the amount of money if you did this three times daily.

My first foray in to this industry was when I replied to an advertisement for final expense agents wanted, which landed me a job as life agent in final expense insurance co – something I was excited about at the time. It quickly became apparent however that the company was not well regarded and as such they were unable to fulfill my needs – both financially and developmentally. I soon left and forgot about working insurance altogether for a long while.

It wasn’t until I saw an article on how to sell final expense insurance online a few years later that my interest in the field peaked again. The article in question totally changed my outlook on the industry and gave me the confidence to know I could easily sell insurance to seniors if I could get an audience with them. This would allow me to finally fulfill my potential and make the money I had always wanted to.

The article affected me so much that I got back in to the business straight away, and almost immediately I was visiting one of my first customers. After an excellent meeting I walked away with his signature on a contract and the added bonus of $1300 in commission. When it is considered that I also got deals with my next two clients as well, my commission that day came to $2100 in total – more than I used to make in two weeks previously.

Since this great start I haven’t looked back since. The money I am earning is beyond my wildest dreams and I would certainly encourage everyone to take a look in to this kind of work. After all, there aren’t many jobs out there that give you both the freedom of being your own boss and the real chance of earning $20,000 a month.

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