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Five Basic SEO Secrets To Developing Mobile Sites

The increase in number of mobile web users has also resulted in an increasing popularity of mobile marketing methods. This has opened up a new door for website owners to optimize their marketing and SEO efforts to rake in more profits than what they are already making.

Speaking of SEO, this is something that should not be missing in any website development process. Thus, it also applies with mobile site design such that it can contribute to the continued increase of your website in search engine rankings. Below are top five secrets that are disclosed to you such that you can achieve a more effective mobile web development project.

Short Titles

Given the limits in the screen size and resolution when browsing using a mobile device, you need to make life easy and convenient for your users. Keep the titles short yet creative. You must also practice brevity in coming up with contents for your website. Here, you will not bore your visitors with page after page of contents. Offer them only what they need – no more, no less. Create your titles in a concise manner to ensure that you can ericit responses.

Mobile Site Map

A site map is one of the most important features when developing your website. It basically serves as your user's guide when navigating your website such that they can easily locate the right page for finding the information they need. Here, you can incorporate your own mobile site map to facilitate in finding information quickly.

On the other hand, a site map can also contribute to getting your site indexed. You can write down a simple XML code that will be crawled through Google's spiders. Make sure you keep the code exactly as it is. Give it a name that is unique from your regular web site's sitemap.

Increasing Traffic Through Video

A lot of web users are leaving more towards interactive method of promotion online. Here, the same goes with mobile web users who like to get information on the go and in a rapid manner. You can there before create a short promotional video that contains your website URL in it so that you can drive visitors to check out your mobile site.

Mobile Directories

Once you have set up your mobile site and it is good to go, submit it to mobile directories. It is not enough that you rely on on-page SEO optimization for your mobile site. You must also work on advancing your off-page SEO efforts. Choose mobile directories that receive a steady stream of heavy traffic on a daily basis such that you can leverage that traffic to boost your own mobile site's SEO.

Mobile Web Design Practices

This is the most important thing to remember if you want your mobile site to perform well in the search engines. You need to incorporate mobile website SEO right from the early stages of development such that all the other efforts you do are merely intended to boost your current performance.

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