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Five Best Practices For Professional Web Design

Many domain name and hosting companies provide their customers with free online tools to help them to create and publish their own website. The person does not need to understand HTML or CSS, and simply needs to be familiar with the use of a WYSIWYG editor, or programs like Microsoft Word. These tools however do not help the person to design an effective user interface, with strong aesthetics.

This article will highlight the five best practices of professional web design and tips on how to follow them.

Color Scheme and Consistency

Before your project starts, it is important to choose a color scheme for the website. This color scheme should contain no more than 2 or 3 main colors, and a few other less important colors. The main colors should be used for elements such as the background, headline / large fonts and any prominent areas of the web design. The less important colors should be used for things like active links, list bullet points and any other smaller elements on the website.

By using a planned set of color consistently through the website, you will be able to create a visually attractive website that will be easy to follow.

Organization and Format

At the initial stages of the development of your website, ensure that you have decided on a standard format for all pages of the website. The navigation of the site should remain in the same place from page to page, and should be accessible and easy to find. Your main content for each page should also be formatted in a similar way, making it easy for your visitors to follow the information of each page.

Your website should have a footer that contains the main links of your website so that the user can still navigate the website quickly even from the end of a page. Each element of the website should be organized and remain consistent throughout the website, whether it be layout of important pieces of information, or the use of colors and different font sizes. By ensuring that your website is organized and formatted professionally, your website will be easy to use for your visitors and they will be able to get the information they are looking for, quickly and easily.

Smart Use of Space

When organizing your information and images on each page, utilize space effectively by understanding that white space is not wasted space. It is vital the you do not clutter the page with so much information, graphics and pictures just to try to enhance the visuals of the design. Professional web designers use white space effectively to allow the important areas of the website to stand out and be found easily. If your website is full of cluttered information, your visitors will pass over the entire page without really understanding the intended message of the page.

Use of Imagery

Photographs can help your web design to create a relationship with your visitors by appealing to their thoughts and emotions. Relating to your website visitors is an important aspect of your design, and each image in the main visual of your website should be placed with that goal in mind.


One of the most important practices in professional web design is to keep it simple. There is nothing worse than spending unnecessary time trying to find information or links on a website. Your website visitors should be able to navigate your website with ease, and by keeping things simple with your web design, your visitors will enjoy their experience with your website much more.

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