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Some people still think the internet is a fad. It's true. They refuse to be a part of what really has become the norm for almost everyone in the world that has access to it. No other medium ever invented, TV, Radio, or Phone has truly connected people from all walks of like the internet has. Now, we can talk to someone in Brazil while we are in New York, and it will not cost us a dime.

This massive ability to connect has allowed for amazing opportunities for businesses. Most recently, the introduction of Social Networks has become a hot topic and again, some refusal to grasp the opportunity that is right in front of them. Networks like Facebook, Linked In, and Perfect Networker are making it much easier for business owners and professionals to market to entity populations easier and cheaper than ever before. Below are 5 reasons why using Social Media for your marketing is well worth the effort.

1. Everybody is doing it-Just because everyone is doing it is not always a reason to embrace something. When it comes to business, however, it often is. The fact is, the number of people using social networks today is somewhere WELL over 100 Million. This is not a fad; it is a new way of life. Those people on those networks are customers and potential business associates. Not only is it wise for that reason, but the perception you give others is important for your business as well. Those who stay behind the technology curve give the impression that they are not as advanced as businesses who embrace it.

2. You will dramatically increase your network-There is no question that
networking can lead to new business and business referrals. What better way to network than in an environment that features millions of people you can connect to with the click of a button? Now, you will want to spend some time building a relationship and learning about your new online friends, but you can do so more quickly and efficiently with social networks than you ever could at a face to face event.

3. You will gain knowledge from others-Have a problem you just can not solve concern your marketing, sales, or any other aspect of your business? Chances are, if your network of business professionals is large enough through the different social sites you belong to then the answer can be provided by one of your contacts. Simply put the ask out there for the answers you need and you will be rewarded from advice from those who have encountered the same problem. Instead of hiring a consultant at $ 200 / hour, you just got your answers for free. Now, you will want to be open to providing the same type of help to others as well, so look for ways to help others and in turn, they will be there when you need them.

4. Your cost for marketing will go down-Imagine if all of your clients belong to the same social network that you do and tell them about a special offer that is only available to them? Now, keep in mind, that this message cost you nothing but the time to construct and send it. Starting to get the picture? If used correctly, social media marketing representatives sometimes the most effective and cost efficient way to market to new and existing client that exists. You can communicate with new and existing agents, tell others of events you are planning, post your website address in various locations within the network, and much more.

Discovering and utilizing social networking for at least part of your marketing is not only wise, it is becoming imperative. Businesses that learn how to use social media to their advantage of spending less time and money on their overall marketing programs and yielding much better results.

The applications are almost infinite and are growing all the time. Take some time, learn how to do it, and begin using social media for your business marketing; it will be a decision you will not soon regret.