Free Website Traffic Using Article Marketing and Quality Backlinks

Free Website Traffic Using Article Marketing and Quality Backlinks

If you are building your Internet business, one of the most important aspects of your business is building traffic to your website. Many Internet entrepreneurs utilize pay per click campaigns to increase traffic. While pay per click ads can be very effective, these ads can also be very expensive. If you are just beginning your business, keeping costs low is important. Learning to create organic traffic or free website traffic for your business may become your most valuable asset.

Free Website Traffic with Article Marketing:

Article marketing is nothing new. Long before the internet was used for marketing, newspapers would collorate with companies to produce content. In exchange for articles, the newspaper would publish a brief bio on the company.

This relationship still exist on the internet between article directories and website owners. There are many article directories on the internet. Some of the most well-known are GoArticles, EzineArticles, Amazines, and ArticleBase.

One of the most important aspects of article marketing is good unique content. Try to provide new and relevant content for your readers. Try to solve a problem for your readers. You will also want to use the right keywords so that Google will index your site accordingly.

Free Website Traffic by building backlinks:

The number of backlinks your site has is another determining factor in your placement in Google search. There are several ways to create backlinks to your site. One of the easiest techniques is to post on related forums. Many forums allow you to leave a signature when you post which includes your URL. This will create a backlink to your site.

Social bookmarking is another way to create backlinks. Sites such as Digg, Delicious, and Jumptags allow you to list a favorite URL, leave a few comments describing the site, and insert meta tags which are relevant to your site.

You can also use a backlink checker to analyze your competition. Enter the URL of the site into the backlink checker to determine the number of links. If the site has thousands of links, you may want to consider a different keyword for your campaign. If the competition has very few links, you will know that with a little work, you can probably out rank them.

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