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Freelance Web Design Guide – 3 Great Places to Work

One of the best things about freelance designing for the web is that you can do it from anywhere that has a web connection. This can be your office, a Starbucks, or even a moving vehicle if you have 3G connectivity. Here are some thoughts on some of the more popular places to work:

A HOME office

Having a dedicated room affords an amount of privacy you'd get in an actual office without having to pay for one. A HOME office will also help you mentally get into work mode when it's time to get busy. Some may not have the option of setting up a HOME office, but if it's possible, this can be one of the best scenarios for a freelance web designer. There are also tax advantages to having a HOME office, so talk to an accountant about the possibilities.

A HOME, but no office

This is how we all got started, by working in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or wherever. Sometimes this is all you have, and that's great! Without a dedicated environment, you'll have to work extra hard to create a dependable routine for getting work done. This is even more challenging if you live with others. But it's often the first step in your career as a freelance web designer. So get to work, and maybe you'll have a HOME office someday.

Coffee shop

If you have a laptop, getting out of the house can provide a boost of energy during the dull, monotonous periods that are inevitable for a freelance web designer. Grabbing some caffeine and changing your environment can encourage new ideas and often cure designer's block. With the coffee shop, though, come inevitable distractions, so be careful when trying to work in public. If you're easily distracted or particularly social, this may not be right for you.

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