Future Facebook

Future Facebook

So I'll add to the constant mix of people that have an idea on Facebook – more specifically, what can ruin them, further expand them, etc.

I'll start by giving some much-earned respect to Facebook as it's unduly lead a culture-changing phenomenon on a worldwide basis. Not since we started "Googling", has something so big and wide-spread happened. Kudos to them.

As a follower of the Facebook model and events, many talk of the various initiatives that may indeed do Facebook in. They include open-source social networking, Google finally doing social networking right, gaming, local-social networking like FourSquare and many others.

If I go back 12 years in my time machine, I personally remember people talking about the potential demise of Amazon. Obviously, it did not happen and they emerged as one of the greatest e-tailers of all time.

Then if I go back around 7 years, people were looking for the Google-killer. It did not happen – so perhaps I'm just making an argument that it's tough to be King and at the top of your game. Someone's always looking to de-throne you.

When I look at Facebook, I see a 500 million-strong machine that's absolutely ready for sale. To whatever, I have no idea – but I think that the founder has done what he's set-out to do. Quite simply, make big change and perhaps pocket a few billion bucks in the process.

Why now? I see it at the Apex – it's probably as far as it's going to go. Not to mention, there's just too many new and fun ideas out there to jump on. Not to mention all those looking forward to your demise. Like a great actor, jump out while you're at the top. Get top money, come back and live to fight another day.

After all, what's wrong with being a billionaire in your mid-twenties and continuing your quest in changing the world – just in a different way?

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