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When starting a business, you should also plan a suitable website for that business. It will help you grow easily in the competitive market scenario.

Peter Jacks, today, is an established businessman. Remembering his first few months, Gary says 'I started my financial consultancy in 2008, with a view to offer pieces of advices to those in needs.'

'But I was short on my budget, and I did not want to invest in radio commercials and print ads.'

According to a study, having a user-friendly website helps a business to grow to a larger extent. The study covered thousands of businesses across the globe, and revealed that website is a useful tool for business. It said that most companies use their websites to update their customers and clients with their latest happenings.

Peter Jacks, too, had booked a domain for his financial consultancy, but he kept the website development on hold.

'I thought that I'll get it developed by the time, when the business will cultivate further, in a year or so. But it did not happen, it did not grow to a satisfactory level, which I had targeted. '

At some level, what Peter did was what every new business does. But, he was not aware of the significance of a website. He came to realize it, when he saw the website of one of his competitors. It was when he thought that he, too, should have opted for a website, in the initial phase. He learned, why his market contender was earning much better than he was.

He already had a domain registered, so he searched for a website-designing firm in the city, and elaborated his case to them. Soon after his website was developed and published on the World Wide Web. Very soon, he fetched a big deal from an organization.

'I could have reached the breakeven point earlier, if I would have launched my website in the early days of my business,' says Peter Jacks.

Getting the website is not the only way out to write a success story. It is important to choose the right web designing company. Following are a few methods to find the most suitable web designing firm –

Seek references – It is one of the best and easiest ways to get your website developed. Speak to your friends, colleagues and relatives to suggest you with some names, if they can.

Search Google – To get a Google-friendly website, you can also consider taking help from Google. You can easily find a reputable, dependable designer in your city, using the Google search engine.

Check for the portfolio – It does not matter whether you are visiting them through reference or Google search, they will surely have a website, where you can check the portfolio of their work – the work, which they have carried out in their career, so far. For better results, it is advisable to appoint the one, which you find interesting and knowledgeable.