Google Adwords – How Keywords Relate to Relevancy

Google Adwords – How Keywords Relate to Relevancy

Using the Google AdWords system can bring the perfect type of traffic to your website. Studies have shown that AdWords advertising has a conversion rate up to 10x greater than organic or natural traffic. It is this conversion rate that makes pay-per-click advertising and AdWords in particular such a powerful tool.

One of the keys to optimizing your Google AdWords campaign is the relevancy of the keywords that you use. There are a number of types of search phrases that might be included in your AdWords campaign. These phrases will determine how your advertisement is triggered.

As an example we will be selling products related to the phrase “leadership training.” Let’s imagine that our product is a DVD video course teaching leadership skills.

1.) Broad Match: leadership training

With this type of match the keyword or phrase is entered into AdWords without quotation marks or brackets. Any search that includes the keyword in any form will trigger the advertisement.


boy scout master training and community leadership

This phrase would trigger the ad because it has both “leadership” and “training” in the search phrase, but might not be the perfect solution for the search. Broad match keywords can result in greater click through rates but fewer sales.

2.) Phrase Match: “leadership training”

A phrase match is entered by placing quotation marks around the keyword or phrase. In this case the ad would only be activated if a users search contains the phrase in the specified order.


boy scout master training and community leadership would not trigger the ad, but leadership training for boy scout masters in the community would.

3.) Exact Match: [leadership training]

To enter an exact match phrase in AdWords the phrase is surrounded by brackets. In this case a user would have to search for the exact phrase in order to trigger the advertisement.

The different keyword variations will give you the ability to control the quantity and quality of your traffic. Broad match keywords might generate larger amounts of traffic but cost you money in the long run because they are so general. Phrase match keywords allow you to narrow the scope of your target audience. Exact match keywords allow you to zero in on a target market. They all have their place in your Google AdWords campaign and you should use them all.

Using different types of keyword variations gives you the ability to control how and when your ad is presented. Broad match keywords will trigger the ad when the keyword is placed in a search phrase in any combination. Phrase match keywords will only trigger your ad when the phrase appears in the search in order. Exact match keywords will only activate the ad when the exact phrase is searched.

Google AdWords is a powerful tool and can increase the quality of your site traffic immensely. To take advantage of the system you need to understand how it works and how to make it work for you.

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