Google AdWords Promotional Codes

Google AdWords Promotional Codes

Google AdWords Promotional Codes are often used as a promotional tool by AdWords to entice AdWords advertisers to start advertising with them.

The codes vary in value, and can range from $50 to $100 as well in other currencies.  Google Partner companies are allocated a set number of codes to give out to potential new customers.  As a Google Partner, you should be emailed these codes on a regular quarterly basis.  If you haven’t been, contact them to ask you to send them over.  These codes will increase in value as you manage a higher spend.

It’s important to note that a code must be applied within the first 14 days, so if you take over an existing account these cannot be used.  Having said that – on a number of occasions it may be useful to set up a new account as the old account has been so poorly managed that the quality score is so low, it’s better to just start again!

Starting again means the code can now be added.

Do not try to open multiple accounts using the codes, as this may result in being banned from running any advertising at all with AdWords!

Codes are often also sent out by Google in various places such as magazines and are often advertised on websites such as Small Business websites.

So, if you’re about to get started with AdWords advertising, do find either a Partner who can offer you codes or use one you have found in a magazine.

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