Google AdWords Tips For Newbies

Google AdWords Tips For Newbies

This is your first time starting a HOME business and you have your first product to sell. So how to you go about selling it to the public? Some people have tried Google AdWords but with little success. They just did not know how to properly just it. To make things easier for you, here are some tips that can help you get started.

First thing you need to do before you start your Google AdWords promotion is select your keywords. Your keywords must be relevant to your product and ad campaign. The better your keyword matches you ad the better the chance that your ad will be clicked by someone who is looking for that particular product.

Your keywords should be used in the exact setting when you get started. That means putting brackets around your keyword like this: google partners. This will tell Google that you only want your ad to show up when someone types in that exact keyword or phrase in that order. This will increase your click through rate (CTR). If not, then your ad will show up in more places that have nothing to do with your product. A good example would be having a keyword for "basketball" if you are selling basketballs. With out brackets your ad will show up if someone types in used basketball shoes or classic basketball games. If you are selling new basketballs that would not help you.

Your (CTR) is important because it shows you how well your ad is performing this each keyword. But sadly this does not tell you if anyone is buying your product. This simply tells you that your ad it being clicked on a certain amount of time based on how many times your ad is listed. You want your (CTR) to be at around .5 to be successful. That requires lots of testing with different ads and setting up your keywords correctly.

Turn content search and Google partners search off. You do not know where your ad will go and you want to see your ad when you type in your keyword. Better to get comfortable with Google before you go any farther.

When you write your ad remember that you only have a certain amount of space so you want to get the most out of it. Do not use words like "a, in, an, of", and so on. Instead of "and" use "&" to save space.

Your title will be the first thing people see so make sure it is an attention grabber. Do not just use the title of the product to title your ad. Select one of your keyword phrases as your title. When someone searches that keyword your ad title will show up in bold making your ad stand out.

Use call to action words like download or sale ends tomorrow to your ad. This will give them more incentive to click your ad. But do not use the words (click here) on your ad or Google will kill your ad fast.

Let your customers know what your product offers or what question that it answers. Tell them how to speed up your pc or what your product prevents or cures.

Tell a story that appeals to your customers sympathy or empathy. Say something like "HOMEless now millionaire Just 6 months ago. It's now your turn" or "Lost 40lbs 6 inches from waist. Escaped obesity problems.

Claim that you discovered something that no one else knows such as "The Secret to getting Free Money". When people see this they will want to learn more.

Create more that one ad to see which style of ad works best for the product your are selling. Google will which your ad back and forth and will start displaying the better performing ad more often. This will allow you to delete bad performing ads and build on good ones.

It's all about getting your (CTR) as high as possible. Google will reward your ad campaign if it performs well by lowering the amount you bid on for the keyword. So you want to bid high at first to get your ad seen by others. Start with a $ 3 or $ 4 per click and a daily budget of around $ 100 or so. Bidding high give Google some working room. If you followed the tips correctly your ad will get clicked a lot for a few days. Google will never go higher than what you set your budget for and you most likely will not pay that much per click.

Once Goggle can determine how many time your ad gets clicked versus how many times your ad get displayed you will notice that your average cost per click is much lower. So decrease your click rate down to within $ 10. of the average so you can still stay at your current position and pay less. As your ad continues to perform well the cost per click will continue to go down and you repeat the steps until your average cost per clicks gets down to around $ .20 or cheaper.

Google does this because they want high quality ads to be the first thing that their customers see. So you will keep testing your ads until you get a great (CTR). This will benefit you as well because your competition will still be paying $ 1.50 to $ 2.00 per click will you pay just $ .20 per click with a better ad position.

Now lets talk about the sales pitch. You can let your ad go straight to the websites sales page if your are an affiliate or if you have a domain name you can create your own landing page that you write yourself then just use the sites payment page when its time for your customers to buy . Using a landing page gives you the opportunity to optimize your content with the keyword you selected making your sales page more relevant. Plus the unique content will also make Google happy.

Using blogs to advertise a product from will also gives you an advantage. Google loves blogs because they always get updated with fresh new content. Having new content on your blog sales page will keep your blog pinged by Google robots and that will also result in lowering your (CTR) and giving you a higher ad placement. Plus with a blog you can create as many landing pages as you want with each keyword you used optimized for better results.

Another good thing about using your blog as a landing page is that you can have others vote or share their opinion about your landing page. If you get positive feed back from your visitors then your future visitors can read the posts as testimonials.

With your landing page or blog page you can build links to the page to help move it up the ranking before you start your Google ad campaign. Once Google see all the links going to that page your ad will get better placement. With enough links and a high enough starting daily budget your ad could be in the sponsored red area giving you even more hits with a lower (CTR). You could end up paying just $ .05 cents a click while your competitors are paying $ 1.00 or more.

You can also use the keyword you selected as part of the url if you use your blog or domain name. This will make your ad bold out even more making your ad more noticeable.

Now that you are armed with all these tips you can now decide if Google AdWords is for you. This is not something you want to play around with. You need to know all you can before you get started or you will go broke. Good Luck!

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