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Google local maps are where customers will find your business. The yellow pages used to be the go to place for customers to find a business. That is not the case anymore.

People often find themselves traveling in a new city or in a part of town that they do not know well. We all often get cravings for a particular type of food or need to find a particular business or service and need to find it now. That is where the local feature of Google maps comes into play.

No one leaves HOME without his or her Blackberry, iPhone or other smart phone. This means that they have access to and are probably using Google local maps on a daily basis. Hand held GPS devices are nice, but people don’t always have them with them when they need them most.

Google maps are a game changer. The ability to instantly see your current location on the map is only the beginning. The search feature is an amazingly powerful tool for whatever your customers are seeking. There is no more guessing as to where something is or hoping you stumble across it as you walk or drive along. Today’s consumer wants precision and they want to know right away where they are going.

The price you pay to get your business on Google maps is small compared to the massive increase in business derived from the numerous additional customers who will come calling. It is essential to be findable on Google and Google Maps. If you are not there, you run the serious risk of not surviving. Today’s information superhighway is akin to the Interstate systems that replaced small two lane highways years ago. When the larger road bypassed a small town, many of the businesses in the small town did not survive. Location is everything and those businesses that were located on the new larger road were the ones that thrived.

Not appearing on Google Maps will mean that you don’t exist to many customers. Their sole source of information may very well be Google Maps and you need to be there if you expect to attract their hard-earned dollars.

There are numerous advertising venues out there, such as radio, television, print ads and Internet ads. Each of those reaches a certain demographic and has their place. However, the clear trend is to the Internet ads and the placement of your business on Google and Google local maps. Studies have shown the return for placement in forums such as Google local maps easily justify the cost in terms of the revenue generated.

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