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You might be surprised with the term " Google Road Block ". Every SEO specialist might be doing Google Road Block knowingly or unknowingly.

In general every search engine optimizer and sea company may be trying to be on first page for a particular keyword. Thanks to Google ranking process that they give more importance to directories than single websites. Due to this reason now it is possible to be in First page of Google results with your desired keyword. If you use Road Block techniques seriously, you will find up to 5 to 7 results on first page of Google result with your desired keyword and all 7 results will be talking about your company's product or services. So no matter whatever happens a person while searching on Google with your desired keyword will visit your website or will contact you if you have used road block techniques.

Road Block technique is not new and has been used by Advertising agencies for years. What they do in road block is that they buy media space on prominent TV channels for a company and air the advertisement of a particular company on all the TV channels during a given time slot. So even a TV viewer switch to other channel, they see the same ad in a given period of time.

Although Google road block can not be very effective for very competitive keyword, but for niche keywords it can be applied effectively.

Cost Implication:

Cost of implementing Google road block is higher than other form of seo techniques. Over a period of time the cost is justified as it will be an organic optimization for your company.

But this method is anyway superior to pay advertising and other techniques.

Time Line:

For effective Google Road block you need at least 6 months to 1 year

How to Do it:

Step 1: Define you keywords

While refining your keywords, try to choose niche keywords rather than very highly competitive keywords. Choose niche keywords which have been used by your prospective clients. Do not choose more than 5 keywords. It is impossible to do a road block with 10 or 15 keywords. Be rational. Take help of Google suggest, Overture and Word tracker.

Step 2: Optimize your website ethically

There is no shortcut. Best way to grab attention is on top in search engines. Here is an example of how to optimize your website. Do not think of Google only while optimizing your website. Think of MSN and Yahoo too. They still command 25 to 30% of search visitors. Another interesting fact you will not find the same results in Google and yahoo regional searches. Suppose when you search for a particular keyword in result may differ from Same goes with Yahoo. Here is your optimization of website for various keywords and keyword combination.

Step 3: Choose popular portals, trade directories for paid listings that are having a good position in Google.

Trade portals like,, and other article submission websites are really popular with search engines like Google. Start putting your companies and product description there.

When you are opting for these trade directories be careful about keywords, product name etc. Suppose you are selling power cables. When trade directory ask for product name try to make it keyword related like "power cables UK" because it will become your product page name and may become page title. So you might understand now what and why I am talking this.

After submitting your details keep updating it as soon as possible even if you do not change content, because trade directories give listing based on date.


I had tried this method with one company in India "Silknfab".

Their niche keywords were

Bridal fabrics India

Bridal fabric exporter

Plain fabric India

Sequined fabric India


As I told you this is not a tried and tested method, please do all your research before jumping on this bandwagon. If anything goes wrong you will loose a lot of money and time. You can test this method with free directories, blogs and article submission.

Rashmi Ranjan

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