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Google have something up their sleeve this year. With more and more people going health-conscious these days, Google hopped on the bandwagon with its smartwatches that will soon debut in the market this year.

These Android watches are equipped with voice controls that are able to monitor heart activity; connect to smart phones, tablets, and more. This is made possible through the efforts of Google and other partners in the electronics, technology, and fashion industry to come up with a cutting-edge smartwatch for the technophiles around the world.

A few months ago, Google revealed its plan to create watches and other 'wearable' computing devices that will be running under their popular Android operating systems. During the Android Wear Developer Preview, Google stated that it would open the smartwatch to app developers who would be interested in creating techie apps for their watches.

The Android Wear project is Google's answer to the growing demand on wearable computing devices. The news came about as the rumor mill revealed that there are bouts of speculations regarding Apple's plan to create more wearable computing devices and also an iOS smartwatch for its loyal followers.

Not too long ago, LG expressed that it would introduce its G Watch, the first Android watch within the second quarter of this year. Motorola in the same vein, Motorola likewise mentioned its flagship Moto 360 Android watch which is for release this summer.

Fossil, a big retail brand name that creates high-quality watches, handbags, and accessories also announced that it is closely working with Google on creating these new exciting Android devices. The public will soon be informed regarding the forthcoming release of the Moto 360 smartwatch. Google also made it to the news when it stated plans to sell Motorola to Lenovo – a popular China-based computers and smartphones manufacturer.

In Google's video blog, they recently showed people, who are speaking to their smartwatches as they listen to music, check sports scores, send replies to SMS messages, and even open a car garage at HOME through a simple voice command.

With technology's ultra fast movements, many people believe that smartwatches and wearable computing devices will be the next big thing. Samsung took the lead and sold the public its smartwatches, however Samsung's success is yet to be known as consumers are just starting to get the hang of their smartwatches. These Android smartwatches will establish a wireless connection with their mobile phones with the aid of various sensors. The device will be able to adapt to Android apps that can help monitor health and fitness of the wearer such as heart rate or even distance recently jogged.

Furthermore, Google is planning on developing what it calls the 'Google Glass.' The Google Glass is a tiny, almost the size of a stamp screen that's fitted to a pair of eye-glass frames. This small but very powerful device can access your email, record a videoclip, give wearers driving instructions, and help them retrieve information from the internet by simply connecting wirelessly to the wearer's smartphone. This newest innovation is met with criticisms and public detest as people raise questions on privacy as well as resulting to a more distracted driving feat which can further lead to vehicle accidents and fatalities.

Tech analysts claim that Google Smartwatches will have a better footing than Google Glass. Google Glass is both a novel and cool idea, although there are many people who are in doubt of this breakthrough not to mention the probable negative side effects it may result to down the road. The acceptance and success of Google smartwatches will rarely mostly on the watches' usability, price, battery life, and overall appeal.

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