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The visuals of a website are a very essential aspect when building your online presence. With customized web design by a graphic design professional, your company will depict of professionalism, credibility and authority. For this very same reason, your website visitors will also judge your company according to your website visual presentation. A rubbish website template will automatically disqualify you in the running and all the efforts that you put forth on your business will be in vain. The World Wide Web is the most cost-effective way to launch your marketing campaign for your business and it makes a lot of sense to invest in a professional looking website to serve as the foundation for the propagation of your business.

Here are the advantages of custom website design over website templates that will make a big difference to your website appeal:

  1. A custom website design will accurately represent your business persona, with the customized logo and color combination that is unique to your company.
  2. A custom web design will also incorporate website conversion strategies that will open doors for call to action to attract customers.
  3. A custom web design will have built-in search engine optimization functionality that will help increase your website's visibility online.
  4. A custom web design will also help materialize your online goals by incorporating newsletter signups, email capture and lead generation techniques.
  5. A custom web design is highly dynamic and flexible. New pages and content can be added, while existing ones can be edited to allow more room to improve and update your company information from time to time.
  6. A custom design is unique and you will have some peace of mind of knowing that your website is definitely one in a million.

While on the other hand, a website template will give you the following:

  1. A cheaper option as it usually free or cost very little. However, you ran the risk of having the same website designs with other people or businesses. Here, you will fail to impress your target market if this will be the case as it will lack the professionalism and credibility like that of a customized website.
  2. The colors in the template can be changed to match the color of your company but it will fail to represent your business persona.
  3. Most template websites are not designed for search engine optimization.
  4. Template websites are not typically designed to support your online goals for increasing leads or traffic, or to general sales.
  5. Other businesses that have the same products or services that you offer may also have the same website template. Or worse, your competitors might have customized their web design and this means you just lost the game and have just been ousted from the competition. The fact remains that a website template will never be at par with a customized web design.

Now that you know the advantages of a customized web design made by a professional graphic design company. artist over a website template, it would be wise for you to scout for professional and reputable web design services to work on your business website so you can up your level and build your online presence the right way.

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