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This past year, we’ve all had to learn to expect the unexpected. These unique challenges have pushed us to become different versions of ourselves, causing both people and businesses to change and adapt. And while we’ve certainly seen some of the worst things that life has to offer, we’ve also had the opportunity to witness some great innovations and impressive feats of humanity. 

But whether you braved the frontlines or single-handedly kept DoorDash in business from the safety and comfort of your couch, you’ve done something really important. You kept going. 

Resiliency and tenacity are two characteristics that are very much in demand these days. In fact, for many years Geneca has actively searched for people that embody these qualities because we understand how critical they are to continued success. 

For us, our success is measured by the success of those we serve. If we’ve met our clients’ goals and helped our employees to grow personally and professionally, then we’ve succeeded. 

That’s why we’re so proud to be recognized as a top workplace this year. These awards let us know that we’ve been successful in providing a great place to work for the amazing people that show up and work hard for our clients every day.

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Thousands of awesome companies surveyed their employees and outlined some truly great offerings in an effort to be recognized as one of the best places to work. We are so humbled to be among these top contenders that are cultivating a space and creating a culture that makes a difference in their employees’ lives. 

So, how did we do it? The truth is – we didn’t.


Competitive salaries, affordable health benefits, and fun perks are always welcome. However, it’s not often that these things can sustain a positive corporate culture on their own.

It’s the people that make up a company that make that company what it is. That’s why we are especially appreciative of the talented individuals that work at Geneca.

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But don’t just take my word for it! When we asked Genecians what makes working at Geneca so special, they agreed – it was their coworkers.Josh Nagle, an architect and technical lead at Geneca, says, “For me, what sets Geneca apart is, and has always been, the people. We have found a group of genuinely fantastic humans who are both great at what they do and a joy to be around for 40+ hours every week”.

What We Love About Genecians

Working at Geneca is special because we get to spend time with and learn from some really cool individuals. The open atmosphere perpetuated by all of our employees, no matter what level, allows us to collaborate effectively with one another, get help if we’re struggling, and have fun.

Why are Genecians such great people to work with? Clare Anderson, our Senior Client Partner, has some ideas. 

“There are no silos, hierarchies – everyone’s ideas count, everyone is approachable – we recognize that we all have multiple skills and can do many things”, she says. We build relationships that allow us to “trust ourselves and trust each other”. Genecians “find motivation, creativity, and value in their own and each other’s contributions to [the solutions] we build”.

Working on a team with people you respect and trust results in strong communication, a shared language, and a culture of ownership. And when combined, those things produce great results for our clients, too.

Clare admires that Genecians give their thoughts “openly, but respect when the client believes otherwise and chooses a different path”. Ultimately, we know that the client is the expert on their business. We pride ourselves on providing our own expertise as needed and remaining open and honest from start to finish. 

It’s important to Genecians that we “bring insight and usefulness to solutions we create”. We love helping make the magic happen because we believe our clients should have solutions that are as unique as they are.

In order to do this successfully, we need to be great at listening and asking the right questions. According to Clare, Genecians “put themselves out there and are vulnerable with customers – willing to try something that’s never been done a particular way before if we believe it’s the right thing to do”. Genecians are not afraid to take risks and tackle any challenge they encounter – which is much easier when you know your colleagues have got your back.

Chameleons that can blend seamlessly and adapt quickly, Genecians are great team players, even when they’re helping external teams get projects across the finish line. No matter where they are, we can count on each employee to put their best foot forward and provide extraordinary contributions to any team.

In fact, our Genecians are frequently recognized for outstanding performance by our clients. Genecians are hungry to learn and never willing to settle. We lead through our work and actions, committing not only to completing individual tasks, but to making things better through what we build. These convictions propel Genecians to be the best they can be every day, and we could not be prouder of the group of astonishing individuals that make up this company.

Find and Empower Your People

That being said, how do you find remarkable individuals that will help shape your own terrific company culture? While it takes the right balance of people, processes, and values to create an environment your employees will love, there are some steps you can take right away to positively impact your workplace.

  1. Re-examine your hiring process.

We’ve established that people are the secret ingredient when it comes to corporate culture, so it’s important that you’re bringing in the right people from the start. Take another look at your hiring process. Are you really getting the people you want? Start with ‘why’ and determine the characteristics your employees will need to live that daily – then look for that.

  1. Break down silos.

While the effectiveness of this depends largely upon the group of people you’re working with, it’s a great start. Take actions to break down silos and dissolve hierarchies. Search for people skilled in working with diverse, interdepartmental groups. Don’t just hear everyone’s opinion – act on them to demonstrate that what they say matters, no matter who they are in your company. 

  1. Encourage honesty and trust.

High achievers will rarely stay long if they can’t trust those on their team. The same is true if they feel micromanaged and untrustworthy themselves. Trust yourself – if you’ve put effort into hiring the right people, they won’t need hand holding. Give them the space to astound you and encourage they do the same for their teammates.

  1. Leave space for relationships.

Provide ample time for employees to get to know one another in a casual environment. While it’s always fun, it might be beyond your means to take employees out on the town frequently. No worries! Even something as simple as allowing small talk to take place at the start of a meeting before getting down to business is great. Signify to your employees that their connections with one another are just as important as the work they’re doing.

  1. Lead by example.

Don’t stifle great people by giving the wrong impression. It’s not enough to just tell the people what you expect. Model the behaviors you want to see in those around you to create a safe space that lets people open up, cultivate authenticity, and have the courage to innovate.

5 ways to empower your people

A Big Thank You to Our Magnificent Genecians!

Humans are truly the greatest resource here at Geneca and we are privileged to get to call these folks Genecians. We’re also happy to say that the bonds we build with one another last even when Genecians move on. 

“Even after Genecians leave to start their own companies or be the new CTO, CEO, etc. somewhere else, we still stay in touch,” says Josh Nagle. That’s because “being a Genecian is more than just a paycheck; it’s our own little work-family.” 

A big thank you to our Geneca family for these accolades and the joy of working together!