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A web site in computer terms can be defined as information that has been put together to tell more about a specific subject or matter. A web site is made up of a collection of web pages which are created through Web design techniques. Web design is also known as web publishing, others call it internet publishing and others refer to it as graphic design. It is the procedure of creating web pages and arranging them to form a web site. A person who specializes in Web design is called a web designer or web developer. A website is an easy way to express one self and it should be done in the best way possible. When designing or publishing a web site, it is important to consider the message you wish to communicate to the ones who will be using the site. Design involves giving meaning to the subject being addressed in the web site. However, its design mainly depends on the content and the type. The design must be consistent with the substance and the message to be conveyed by the web site. The design used should also be in a position to attract its audience in a way that the target audience keeps coming back to the site, thanks to the design.

When designing a site, the designer should try to make sure that the selected design for the site is almost maintenance free and the selected design does not require constant adjustments. Apart from that, the web developer should ensure that the site is user friendly and it is easy to navigate through it. Apart from that, the site should have a reliable interface that will keep the audience want to come back to the site, thanks to its ease in use, efficiency and attractive design. Any web site that is developed to be used by a separate audience, especially if it is used for business should be attractive. The aesthetics applied in the Web design should be eye catching. On top of that, it should be consistent in the site that uses the design.

When working on the design, the designer should have it in mind that the design revolves round the content and the way it is presented. The content of the web site should be legible and easy to understand. This is especially important when it comes to online businesses as one will need to market his or her product in the best way possible. In online business, the design applied on the site should be attractive to keep the customers coming back, it should be updated as necessary and it should also be readable. Navigating through the Web design should also be simple and the visitors should be able to move through the website with ease.

There are several details that are rarely put into consideration when it comes to Web design. Things like the font size and style should be considered as they determine the legibility of the web site and its beauty too. The size should not be too small that it cannot be read easily; neither should it be too large to take up all the space on the site. Text alignment is also important to consider. Designers should avoid aligning texts to the centre. Left alignment is the way to go for text flow and easy reading time. Apart from the two, the color used in Web design should be attractive. Much as color adds beauty to the site, the chosen color should be easy to read. Colors used should neither be too light nor too dark as such colors are not visible.

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