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Grow Your Beachbody Business Through Facebook Marketing

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Your Beachbody business can grow quickly if you use Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that you can use to grow your Beachbody business. Why? There are over 500 million users of Facebook. Facebook is the second most visited website in the world. As a network marketer, one of the biggest challenges that you will face when growing your Beachbody business is getting leads and talking to people everyday who are interested in the Beachbody business opportunity. Facebook with its 500 million users, gives you an ability to get FREE leads for your Beachbody business and prospect at the push of a button on your computer from the comfort of your HOME.

One of the powerful features of Facebook is the demographic information that it has on all of its users. On Facebook, you have the ability to pre-screen the people that you discuss your business opportunity with so you can only talk to people who have a higher likelihood of being interested in your opportunity. Facebook gives you the ability to approach a more targeted group of prospects so that you can reduce the number of rejections that you get from others. You can utilize Facebook groups to do this.

One of the ways that you can use Facebook to grow your Beachbody business is through Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great place for you to connect with people and build relationships. There are four marketing strategies that you should focus on when using Facebook groups to grow your business. 1. Join: There are many groups on Facebook dedicated to health and fitness. These groups are targeted and full of people who are interested in getting healthy. You should join these groups.

2. Contribute: Once you join a group targeted to health and fitness on Facebook, you want to build relationships with the group members by contributing to the group. The big mistake that most network marketers make on social media sites is that they push their business opportunity. On social media sites, you want to add value by providing helpful tips and advice. You want to brand and position yourself as a person of value, as an expert. So, you want to contribute to the community by posting articles and videos that will help the group members achieve their health and fitness goals. You also want to contribute to Facebook groups by responding to the posts and resources shared by others. This will help you build relationships. Only once you have developed these relationships and people have seen you as an expert should you then present your business opportunity to individual members.

3. Network: Connect and network with individual group members. Send a friend request on Facebook. In the friend request, you want to mention that you are both members of the same group and name the group. In the message, you want to mention that are looking for an opportunity to connect with like-minded people on Facebook. You want to make sure that when you send a friend request, that you send this quick message along with your request, so the person can see that you are a real person who share similar interests and not a spammer.

4. Create: A great Facebook group marketing strategy for Beachbody coaches is to create their own Facebook groups. You should create Facebook groups around health and fitness topics. You can also create Facebook groups around Beachbody fitness programs and products.

Facebook is a powerful site for network marketers who are serious about growing their network marketing business. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on paid leads or on paid advertisements, then you need to start using Facebook to market your business opportunity. Through Facebook, you have the ability to leverage your time and your energy by exposing your business opportunity to a targeted group of people who are interested in health and fitness. Facebook marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that every Beachbody coach needs to utilize to grow a successful Beachbody business.

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