Grow Your Facebook Marketing Campaign With This Short Guide

Grow Your Facebook Marketing Campaign With This Short Guide

Facebook has exploded and with it has come a new range of applications and techniques for marketing your business. Most of them are free. By utilizing some or all of the free ideas below you can greatly increase your online visibility. The applications stated are just examples and there may be many more available that can do the same thing. Maybe even better!

Add the Twitter app to your page. Now your tweets will become your status updates (you can also do this in reverse) Why should someone become a "Fan" of your business page? If you offer your prospective fans something worthwhile they're much more likely to become a fan. Through numerous Facebook apps you can give away coupons, ebooks, etc … anything downloadable.

Facebook allows users to import email addresses to make Facebook even larger if they have not already joined. Do this with your mailing list for instant friends / fans!

Organizations can engage their fans or prospective fans through virtual gifts, games, quizzes, contests, and many more. Engagement can be done using utilizing hundreds of free Facebook applications or through custom development Try searching for Wildfire for some great applications.

You can add static FBML tabs to your fanpage which will allow your page to be customized with your choice of images and content. Although this customization will require programming knowelege, which you will probably have to pay for, it is worth it in terms of how many people can potentially view your brand presented as you wish

Increase your friends network using targeted searches and researching pages or groups of interest and asking people to become your friend. These new friends can be invited to your fanpage -just use the 'suggest to friend' link.

If you havent already registered your pagename or set up your page you should think carefully about what name to change. Probably some keywords would be useful in the title? For example if your business is based only in New York then it might be worthwhile thinking about using this in your page title or name. If you are a web designer then you should ask yourself is it important to use it in your name or title along with your trading name.

This will allow you to not only be optimized on Facebook for your trade / industry, but optimized on search engines as well. Think about how people will find you on facebook? Will they search for your trading name or your product / location? Take time to think, do not narrow your options down too much, always remember that what you enter now can not be changed

Once your Facebook fan page has 25 fans you can claim a unique Facebook URL. This allows you to market your Facebook page offline much more easily. Using a name that is keyword heavy is worth considering too such as the product you provide. Link your blog to your Facebook Fan Page using an app like NetworkedBlogs. This will provide a constant stream of news and save time.

Wall news feeds are the first thing your fans see when they log into facebook. If you drive them into "Liking" or engaging with your posts, all of their friends will be see it on their walls and may join in making your page growth viral. Compelling content should only require a little extra effort when thinking about your update.

Facebook allows you to advertise pretty much anything. You can use pay per click (ppc) or the Pay Per Thousand Impressions. Facebook ads also allow you to market to a specific demographic ,, sex, keywords, education, age, and much more. Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising is much more targeted.

So there you have quite a few methods of quickly improving your facebook / facebook page marketing campaign. Why not put some of them into practice right now?

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