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In this article, I will discuss the various organic optimization techniques for search engines. Organic SEO is ethical optimization without the help of any paid placement program. As an SEO expert, I always prefer to optimize websites using this method. It allows me to build traffic spikes by using effectively written content, link strategies, and add value via interactivity as well as provide a wonderful experience to the user and not depend on paid search engine listings.

Of course, organic SEO requires some amount of financial backing, as specific areas of website may need to redesigned, content may have to written by experts, but in the end you will grow in real time and move steadily towards achieving your SEO goals.

Overnight Success a Myth

Often clients want their website to reach top rankings overnight. This is impossible! In order to achieve this big goal (#1 for a specific keyword on Google’s SERPs), SEO expert needs time and customer’s cooperation. While many customers actually believe in overnight top ranking, they don’t want to spend money. Organic SEO always works and ensures high SE rankings over a longer period even with changed algorithms, but this can’t be achieved in a day or even a month!

Is Ethical SEO Unprofitable?

Certain SEO “experts” believe that ethical or organic SEO is a failure. Several black hat SEO blogs routinely post that white hat SEO techniques are doomed and don’t work. Besides this, websites that practice organic SEO will be banned. This is incorrect and just an act to malign ethical SEO practitioners. If the below mentioned techniques are followed, being banned will be the last thing you’ll need to worry about. And you will be able to build not just a fantastic brand but one that will transcend the virtual world!

Content is King:

Attempt to satisfy the viewers need for information. If you won’t be able to do this, your SEO program will be unsuccessful. Having started off SEO services by offering SEO as a sidebar to web copy and design, I now tell my customers to build their site around their web site copy. Product listings, graphics and animations are not necessary, but specific and relevant content that answers searches and queries is paramount. Also ensure that the content works and is able to create some excitement.

Content That Works

Your content should not just be focused, but also interesting to read. After all, an article with an interesting title such as “How to Write Articles that Create Traffic Jams” is much more eye-catching than “Learning to Write Good Articles.” While both articles can have the same content the “traffic jam” article will get more hits for sure. You can also add relevant listing to the articles to further increase the traffic to your site.

In order to stay in business, search engines need content and this means they need websites. So if you want to get high rankings on search engines you need to optimize the website content. Use particular keywords in your web copies and ensure that the keyword density is around 10-14%. Don’t try to focus too much on what the user will search for, rather use keywords effectively and as part of the copy not just inserted at places.

Content is very important for result-oriented organic SEO. You, therefore, require much more creativity and relevancy in your copy as compared to any other SEO method. Your content should reflect that you are an expert in your chosen field and not just some newbie posing as an expert. If you think your copy is failing you in achieving your target, then change it. After all, organic SEO means being able to adapt and change to the new and emerging trends of the SEO industry. Rewriting the entire content is the best option if all else fails.

Regular Refreshing

If rising high on the SERPs is your goal, then update your content as often as you can, but on a regular basis. Google, MSN, and Yahoo! reward regular updating with higher SE rankings. Besides, you will also be able to offer your viewers more value. MSN is one search engine that is partial to websites that update their content on a regular basis.

What Else Besides Content?

The other things that matter in your organic SEO campaign, besides content, consistent of navigation, link building, and information architecture. These factors also influence the SERPs of your website and can help increase traffic!

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