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Height Growth As an Adult – Is it Actually Possible?

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The subject of verifiable height growth in adulthood is not one that is often spoken about as if it were actually a relatively phenomenon. Remarkably, even most physicians are likely to completely dismiss the possibility of adult height growth as nothing more than a fantasy, citing that it is absolutely impossible for an adult to grow taller because their growth plates have permanently fused. The belief is that this natural fusion process effectively negates any possibility for an adult that stands shorter than they would like to gain any height, ever again.

However, bold research conducted in the past several years has not only tested this so-called, "common knowledge" but has actually led to an emergence of additional studies that are testing the boundaries of what was once thought to be the absolute limits of the human anatomy. The scopes of various research projects differ greatly, but there is an underlying hypothesis that remains somewhat consistent and that skeptics are finding difficult to easily disprove. The basic approach is near universal: while the fusion of growth plates (which is determined by one's genetics, age, and gender) certainly halts the progressive growth patterns exhibited by all humans in childhood and adolescence, there are several physiological variables that can be safely manipulated result in increased height growth for adults.

The evidence has been mounting for years. It simply took the willingness of the right combination of specialists and researchers collaborating on various projects to finally shine a light on the possibilities. Spokespersons for these medical teams are notoriously tight-lipped, quick to point out what adult height growth is not much more adamantly than they are willing to speak publicly about what it actually is. There is an "across the board" consensus that people that are hopeful for true adult height growth should know that the methods being exhaustively scrutinized are not linked to any kind of genetic manipulation. Additionally, the use of supplemental human growth hormone is not considered to be a primary catalyst for optimal results – and is typically only administrated to test subjects in the rare event that they exhibit a deficiency in natural HGH production that would hinder their progress. Finally, test subjects have shown to increase their height permanently but it is stressed that the limits of gained height are insurmountably finite – most subjects gain from one inch to four inches in height.

Although it's a safe assumption to say that most people possess an inherent desire to maintain their physical appearance and to make adjustments to any area that they desire improvement, there is one industry in particular that is nothing short of obsessed with physical appearance. Hollywood celebrities are notorious finicky about their physical attributes – and for good reason. They are constantly in the spotlight and our "celebrity-obsessed" pop culture looks to compound the trend exponentially each year. This obsession coupled with the unparallel affluence of celebrities means that the Hollywood elite are often the first to gain access to breakthrough research such as adult height gain therapy, typically brought to them by opportunistic medical professionals fortunately enough to gain access to and replicate the techniques shown to provide results.

But the medical research community is not the only one with its insiders and the prospect of safe, permanent adult height gain is something that is so immeasurably substantial that no amount of covering up would keep it sealed forever.