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It can be complicated to sort the ‘Wheat from the Chaff’ with regards to website hosting firms today, just because there are so many of them. However, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing one, are your needs as a webmaster.

Shared hosting is undeniably the most common type of hosting that is offered today. Shared hosting is called this because the same server is used by different websites on the same web server. One advantage of shared hosting is that the web hosting company is the one who is responsible for the routine maintenance of the server.

One factor that plays a part in the cost of hosting your web site is the number of websites being hosted on the server you are buying, regrettably, something that often happens is that the hosting company involved will rent out space to as many website owners as possible so as to make as much return as they can on their investment.

Leasing a ‘Dedicated server’ is a standard way of avoiding having many websites all sharing the same server space, Dedicated web servers are the safer option when it comes to hosting your web site although there is an added cost involved in doing this. Hiring a dedicated server with its own IP is a better option if you are going to host a website that is going to get allot of traffic.

Dedicated web hosting plans are hosted on a wide variety of computer servers. One of the most popular makers of web servers today is Microsoft. That said, the actual brand of server being used should not be a factor that you should consider when choosing a web site hosting company

Selling your own web hosting, or reseller hosting, may perhaps be something that you are considering to do. Simply put, Reseller web hosting is where you buy a large amount of space on a web server and then sell it on in small ‘chunks’ to people who only need to host a small number of blogs.

The individual conditions of the reseller account should be checked out closely as there are some who ask for payment per sign-up and those that do not. The most popular type of agreement is where you pay in advance and then, you can resell a portion of that space and charge what you see as being responsible.

Leasing a web server that is dedicated may well be an option that you wish to consider as it allows you to cover your initial costs and then keep any profits you subsequently generate.

Leasing a ‘Managed web server’ could also be something that is a viable alternative for you to do. Put simply, running a ‘Managed’ web server is a big liability and to do so you should be comfortable with the everyday tasks of running a web server and be able to sort out any problems that may occur.

Before making the decision to run a managed web host yourself, you should be fully competent in performing the day to day tasks involved in running a managed website hosting service, things like ‘Load balancing’, installing critical updates to the servers software and other vital functions should be second nature to you.

Running your own web hosting service is, no doubt, very beneficial, as it gives you a greater deal of control over what you do with your website and how it is perceived by the search engines like Google.

To sum up, the first thing to consider beforehand is knowing what functionality and how much server space you will require to host your website, that done, you must then think about which of the many website hosting services on offer is the best one for you.

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