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It is that time of the year when shopping is the thing which is on everyone’s mind. People are queuing up at the stores to find the best deals on the latest designer dress and HOME accessories. Shoppers are have started pre-ordering gifts for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s that time of the year when the ecommerce web development in USA market is meeting the demands of all those online retailers who really want to make it big in terms of business revenue during the two days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The total estimated sales of Thanksgiving is predicted to cross record-breaking $2.05 Billion this year. Hence, no e-commerce store wants to miss an opportunity to get more customers during the holiday season.

So, without wasting any time further, we just want to have you a last minute look on the few tips which will help you to raise the sales revenue graph.

Update Your Store

This is the key point to focus on. If your ecommerce website is not technologically upgraded then you must do it immediately. The reason for doing it is to offer good user experience of your e-store. For example, you have e-commerce solution with old Magento version, then you should upgrade it to Magento 2. It will have enhanced plugins to optimize your website. Hurry, opt for ecommerce development today.

Have Enough Inventory

As an online retailer, you certainly don’t want to embarrass yourself and your customers with the “Out of Stock” message. It is the best opportunity to earn maximum sales and satisfaction of the customers. Maintain a well-stocked inventory to assure that your shoppers have a wide range of choices to select from your e-store. In case, store is out of stock, at least mail it to all the customers.

Share Your Offers on Social Media

This is the most basic thing you can do. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram do not forget any social media platforms to spread the word about your latest discounts and offers. Publish quality blogs about the trend and products which are to be offered this Thanksgiving. Once, they are sure about the deal, they will certainly come to your website and visit the store.

Maintain Keywords

To get attention of consumers it is essential to define and manage your keywords in an efficient way. In other words, running a good SEO campaign will fetch good results. Take help of the Google keyword planner in order to understand which keywords does your customer use to search products. Now include those key phrases in all your product category. Words like ‘Cyber Monday, Gifts and Black Friday’ are the most frequently searched keywords. Moreover, search ecommerce web development service provider to focus more on implementing digital marketing strategies on your web store.

Quality Assurance Check

Before two weeks of sale season, it is essential to make sure that everything on the website is running properly before making it live. Another thing to keep in mind is that during the holiday season your website might be overloaded with traffic, hence it is important to make sure that quality assurance check and load balancing is looked after. Additionally, check whether your billing, order tracking and payment processes are on track for providing best user experience. Early preparation is the key to bag the best deals of the day.

Optimise for Mobile

According to a survey, this year’s Cyber Monday mobile sales accounting will jump to $1.24 billion in U.S.A. Now, you might have realized the importance of having mobile application or e-commerce website with responsive design. With competition at its peak, consumers will look for any reason to exit your ecommerce store. In such scenarios, not providing good UI through mobile can make customer unhappy.

Therefore, optimising your site for mobile is profitable deal for getting maximum sales order on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We hope that your ecommerce store ready with all the above mentioned basic pre-requirement in order to boost frequency of orders on this festive season. If not, then contact ecommerce web development firm to set it up on time.

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