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Intelligent businesses do not need to be told to tap into the potential of social media to promote and popularize their products. They are doing it already. Businesses are already the most visible entities on popular social networking portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. There are hundreds of social media websites to choose from … businesses take their pick according to what suits their needs the most and then do whatever they can to keep themselves in the spotlight. After all, today's marketing world is all about gaining the right visibility.

If you are planning to bring your business website out into the open through social medial marketing too, these are the things you should be looking at.

1. Which social media websites will you target? The top two for business-Facebook and Twitter-should be absolutely on your list. LinkedIn should be mandatory as well. But, apart from that, it would be great if you could target some local websites as well. For example, if you are marketing in India or in Brazil, then it makes brilliant sense to market on Orkut as well. Orkut is huge in these countries, and could reach a better market segment than even Facebook and Twitter.

2. Can you handle all the activity? You have to prepare yourself for social media marketing. You have to have a plan in hand. Think about it. Just making a profile and putting in a few initial posts is not going to take you anywhere. You have to have a strategy for the whole year at least. This should include product launches, offers, competitions, full-scale and reduced-scale marketing, building groups and all. These are the things that have made businesses popular on social networking websites.

3. Social media marketing gives you great possibilities for reaching out to your niche. You can create websites with communities and groups on it. These could be groups about your business. People who are interested in your business will join in to your groups, which is just like opting in to a list. When they do that, a whole new avenue of marketing opens out to you. Whatever you announce in this group reaches out to all. Businesses use this to reach out to a mass audience that is interested in what they are trying to promote.

4. Businesses that have become popular through social media marketing are known to give out some helpful freebies to their groups. They give out eBooks, newsletter subscriptions, free software and such things that people can use. It helps these businesses to remain in people's minds. Also, when people see the kind of quality that these businesses can produce, they do not mind becoming their customers.

5. The best of the media world should be incorporated into social networking efforts. One of the things that should not be ignored at all is the power of video marketing, through portals like YouTube. Adding instructional and review videos can be very helpful for business product and service promotion.

These are a few of the things that have helped businesses to propel their way up through social media marketing. The best part is that this world is not inaccessible to anyone. You can make your own strategies and give your business the success it describes.

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