How Can You Build Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

With the dawn of social media, it’s become easier to connect to the global market. But at the same time, it’s more difficult to combat growing competition. That’s when you should realize the need for building customer loyalty, which can help your business survive.

Building customer relations and loyalty is the best form of investment for your business. So how do you attract and maintain a good amount of customers on your side?

Here are some tips that can help you build and maintain customer loyalty through social media:

Effective Strategy for your social media account

First and foremost, the strategy that you follow for your social media outlet matters most when aiming to build brand recognition. Always keep in mind this question, “Why should your customers follow you?” and base your strategy on that particular curve. It should not be just a platform to sell your products but rather an opportunity to interact, value and build relationships with your customers.

Remember that uncomfortable feeling with the pushy shopkeeper? Beware of strategies that might resemble “overselling” or pestering methods of marketing. Your customers will soon get annoyed with the constant posts filling their news feeds and will unsubscribe. Therefore, formulating the right strategies for your social media outlets is crucial.

Use social media as a platform to develop a relationship with them by passing on relevant information. Being informative and genuine can help you gain loyalty and support. When you are building your brand image in a personal way like this, you are sure to:

Improve sales in your business

Improve customer experience and insights

Improve conversion rates

Improve your brand’s search engine ranking.

The kind of information that you pass also matters. For instance, if your business sells clothes, you can publish relating content such as ’10 tips to enhance your dressing style’ or ‘ fashion trends of 2016’ and so on.

Creating a brand community

This is one of the best ways to build a loyal customer base. When you stand up and do something for your community, you will be able to gain their trust, support, admiration and respect. That can help you reach out and attain a broader sphere.

You could probably team up with similar like-minded businesses and organizations and come out with a collaborative community event. For instance, if you’re business is in the field of medicine, you could probably arrange and conduct a blood donation camp in your neighborhood. This will greatly impact your brand in a positive light.

Developing Public Relations

By using hashtags and filling content with current events and catchy, impressive messages you can develop on the public awareness of your brand. When there’s a buzz about something, you can use the hot topic to your advantage and gain a lot of traffic by adding and taking part in such discussions.

You can also get feedback about your products and services from your customers. Then, use it to improve and make modifications accordingly to fit into your business.

Rewarding your Loyal Followers

It is one thing to gain followers but it’s an entirely different challenge to keep and maintain them. You should take note of the faithful followers who promote your brand and reward them in some special way. You could identify your loyal consumers and could feature them in your company profile or give them room to write an article on your website. You could even conduct a contest or quiz online; that way, not only will your brand name trend into the public, it will also attract new followers.

Customer Service is vital on social media

Social media platforms are the best platforms to have direct interaction with customers. You can listen to their suggestions and respond to the questions, comments and feedback from potential customers. If you are transparent and respond effectively, it builds trust among the general public. Remember not over promise or over deliver. You should use this tool to its maximum potential to develop a good brand image in your circle.

So, when you take these methods into consideration, you will see that you are able to build customer loyalty through social media in a more effective way.