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Do you find yourself wondering about the benefits of social media marketing when it comes to SEO and marketing your website? Can social media marketing really help with SEO? If so how does this work and how can you apply this to your business? Here are a few answers to these questions that might surprise you.

Firstly what is social media marketing? Every time you use facebook, twitter, and your favorite forum or post a blog etc. you will be using social media marketing

How it helps with SEO, (search engine optimization).

• Quality of the site: The search engines are looking at social media interaction more carefully when they index pages. It is all about the quality of the site. Points that the search engines look for are how often a blog has been updated, whether the website has good content and interactions a lot with their visitors and customers. This will increase the value of the site in their eyes and improve the website's position in the search engine index.
• Links: social media marketing will increase back links which always help a site in SEO. All comments on forums, tweets and blogs etc. will create back links to the site concerned.
• Share buttons: these little "share this" buttons and "bookmark this page" will also help to create back links to your site. added to this is the fact that these little buttons give you a chance to interact with visitors. This will improve the quality of your site in the eyes of the search engines and give you a better position.
• Increased use of keywords for your site: when you blog and tweet etc. you will be using more keywords for your site and will boost your website in the eyes of the search engines.

5 ways that you can get started with social marketing today:

• Open an account at Twitter: post some tweets and attract followers.
• Open a facebook account: make comments and post news about your business and industry on your face. Friend's will will be attracted to your wall.
• Join Linkedin: This is another popular business to business network. You can join discussion groups here and network with other businesses.
• Join forums in your industry: post questions and answers here and leave your little sig file. If you leave interesting and useful answers and posts people will come to your site and see what you have to offer.
• Blogs: have fun blogging you will gradually build up a following on your blog and people who are interested in it will use your link to come to your website. Remember make it interesting and helpful and people will read and stay around to read more.

So do not be shy enjoy yourself with social media marketing and make your site search engine optimized while you do it.

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