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Facebook is becoming a really popular internet networking site. From a small site that only catered to college students, it's now a global phenomenon. It allows people from all parts of the world to connect with their friends and family from all over the globe. However, it's not just people who can use Facebook. Businesses can also tap Facebook for advertising and marketing purposes.

There are currently over a billion Facebook users throughout the world. And, this number keeps on increasing on a daily basis. The huge market in Facebook makes it an ideal venue for marketing. You have the potential to reach as many people as you can from all over the world. There's no geographical restriction as you can market globally.

This also improves branding. Being on Facebook allows your clients to connect with you. You can easily update them with your new items or on your latest discounts. Communicating with them becomes really easy and it becomes two-way. This makes you look transparent as a company, especially if you reply and address their concerns. Facebook makes it very easy to create a community around your service or product. You can tap into the unlimited amounts of people that visit Facebook every day.

By being active in Facebook, this can help companies to improve customer loyalty. This leads to an increase in sales for the company. In a number of studies, those companies who have Facebook fan pages make their clients attached to the brand. The Facebook fans were more likely to purchase the brand's items and to spend their money on the brand. You may also want to consider making your pages mobile friendly since Facebook is increasingly being used on the mobile phone.

Marketing through Facebook is not just effective but also cost-efficient. Companies do not have to spend so much with this type of marketing unlike the traditional ones. Think about how expensive it is to advertise in print media. Businesses can take the same budget and possibly get ten times the investment without all the hassle. It also is similar to the word of mouth marketing, wherein your fans would do the marketing for you. There's also no additional cost. You just have to be active and be online in Facebook and regularly update your page. It would be worth it to add this to your company's marketing strategies. Just remember not to spam Facebook and create value for your audience.

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