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Facebook is a social networking site that has become extremely popular since its inception in 2004. It is a great tool to use for reconnecting with long lost friends and flames and with making new acquaints. There are so many different ways in which to use Facebook to your advantage, that it is quite incredible.


Traveling is a hobby of many. The world is such a wonderful place, so why not explore it in all its glory and see as much of it as you can? Not so long ago, people relied on cameras and scrapbooks to keep memorabilia of places that they have traveled to, but with social networking sites such as Facebook, treasuring your travels has never before been easier.

Using Facebook as a Travel Guide

You can use Facebook to organize your journey and plan it down to the last detail. One of the easiest ways to use Facebook to organize a trip is to use it almost as a diary. When you are logged into your account on Facebook, you are able to update your status. This tells other users what you are doing at all times, or at least when you are interested in updating.

You can update your status over your computer or cell phone as many people choose to do. If you are traveling around in Europe, you can let all of your friends know where you are and what you are doing at any given time just by logging into Facebook and updating your status. With a simple sentence or two of writing you can not only keep a detailed record of what you have done on your travels but as well keep others informed.

You certainly have loved ones at HOME and around the world and they are going to love seeing how your trip is going and make sure that you are okay.


What better way is there to keep track of an adventure than with great pictures? You can upload pictures within just a few seconds to your Facebook page. You can choose to have an entire album devoted to your trip to Europe, complete with captions and then your friends and family can make comments on the pictures.

Keeping up to date with loved ones and socializing has never been easier than it today, and Facebook is one of the best applications to do this through.


One of the most widely used features on Facebook is the Facebook Group feature. This allows users to create a group to which they can either invite only certain people or keep it as an open group and have as many people as possible join. Facebook Groups are extremely popular, and by starting a group of your own, this is a great way to organize your journey along as you go.

You can even use a Facebook Group to your advantage before actually leaving for your trip. You can ask other members questions such as who has been to Europe before, where they traveled to, what attractions they thought were the best and so on and so forth. It is a really quick and simple way of gaining information and best of all there is no waiting around for it. You do not have to sit there and wait for someone willing to answer you. You just pose the question and will then be informed through your email whenever someone has responded to you.

Organizing a journey, whether to Europe or anywhere else in the world, has never been easier than it will be now. Especially when using a social networking site such as as Facebook to help organize the journey, you are going to find that everything flows much more smoothly and that you are going to be able to relax so much more and just enjoy yourself on the trip.