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Every Door Direct Mail is a smash hit for the USPS. Business advertisers across the country are mailing more ads and saving money. This is great for HOMEowners who enjoy local offers, the business owners who profit, and the economy as a whole. But how long does this new program take to deliver into HOMEs?

Typically, the design process is what takes the most time. Whether it is customizing a template or starting a design from scratch, the aesthetic aspect of your mailers are critical to your success in the mail.

The design of your mailer is important in many ways. It is your selling tool to your customers, it represents your company, and it displays your products and services. Making this one of the top priorities of your mailing process will ensure a design that is appealing and rewarding, and help drive more leads and sales conversions.

Targeting your mailing may take some research and time. Advertisers must diligently determine which areas will respond best to offers. Your offer is only as good as the customer who receives it. Choosing areas that are in need of your services the most will generate the interest and sales that you seek. Aiming for the right audience is crucial to developing your business with direct mail. Targeting is extremely easy once you know where you want to mail.

You can use the FREE online Every Door Direct Mail mapping tool to “point and click” on your preferred target areas. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and is actually quite fun to use.

After you have chosen your carrier routes for mailing and scheduled your expected mail drop dates, it is time for printing and shipping. The printing and shipping to the local post offices usually takes about a week to a week and a half.

This is when the company that is handling your mailing will use your saved carrier route map to automatically generate the documents for your mailers. This new automated process makes certain that any errors in the paperwork will be caught and rectified. It’s always smarter and more efficient to use a “turnkey” print and mail provider to do the heavy-lifting for you. Why spend hours filling out paperwork and driving to the USPS when you can place one simple order online instead?

Once your mailers have been delivered to the Post Office, it only takes a few days to actually hit HOMEs. By then, you should be starting to prepare for the inflow of customers, leads, calls, and clicks.

Direct mail is still the top form of direct marketing and it will drive sales to your business when used correctly. Utilizing this program to it’s fullest will not only increase cash flow but also generate lasting relationships with your customers and give your brand more authority.

Good luck and happy marketing!

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