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How Mobile App Design And Web Design Can Learn From Each Oth…

Whilst most people look at mobile application design and web design as being two very different entities, they actually do have a number of crossovers that make them much more similar than you’d think. Anyone who works in either of these design fields can actually learn a lot from people who work in the other, providing that they just take the time to sit back and listen.

  • Avoid feature creep

    App designers know that additional features can quickly turn their project into a disaster. They understand that the key to success is keeping the app clean and only including those features that are necessary and most useful. Those who work in web design, on the other hand, often do the complete opposite in that they try and cram in as many features as they possibly can. Whilst a website doesn’t face the same space restrictions as an app does, it does not mean that extra features are going to add any sort of value. And this is what it all comes down to – if there is no value for the user, don’t include the feature.

  • Useful error messages

    This is actually a lesson that could go either way – there are plenty of app designers who are great at this, and there are plenty who work in web design that do them equally as well. In the same line of thought, there are plenty of apps that have rubbish error messages and plenty of websites whose own messages could do with a little work. A useful error message needs to give users a little more information other than the fact that something has gone wrong – how do you get around it?

  • Aesthetics matter

    Web designers spend years in graphic design and other art-related classes learning new ways that they can make their websites appear as attractive as possible. Often, their pages are a delight for the eyes with photographs and illustrations that pop. Those who work in app design, however, tend to focus more on the features and less on the aesthetics. Once you have decided who the users of your app are and what sorts of features you need to include, start thinking about ways that you can improve on the look of the pages. A vintage camera, for example, could be made more attractive with vintage touches.

And this only scrapes the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lessons that those who work in mobile app design and web design can teach each other. Creating something that is unique and fresh, using standard controls and patterns, and taking scalability into account are all other lessons that both groups could stand to learn more about.

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