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Your company's Facebook page can be the turning point for your business. If you still have not created a page dedicated to your business, you should – it is a really smart move. And if you already have, there are many strategies you can choose to successfully manage your page. You might get lost in all those "complicated strategies". That is why you might need a few advices so you will not ruin your company by misusing Facebook.

I prepared a few important examples of what NOT to do when you are managing your company's Facebook page. Not learning from those examples is a clear way to lose your current and potential customers.

First Example: Managing Your Company's Page Like It Is Your Private Profile

If you think it's your business and your FB page so you can do everything you want – you are wrong. If you are trying to create a bigger buzz and traffic – that is NOT the right way. People quickly realize that your company's profile is pointless and has nothing to do with the company and may even stop doing any business with you.

The post you are posting on your page NEED to be relevant to what you're selling / promoting / doing. Publishing everything that pops into your head on your fan page is probably the dumbest thing you might do.

Second Example: Engaging In Censorship On Your Facebook Site

Creating a fan page means you are aware that not only satisfied customers will be commenting on it. So do not expect only positive feedback. Reading negative comments is not pleasant, but that is just the way social media work.

Do not let your composition and start deleting all the negative comments. Censoring your Facebook site will do much more damage than you might imagine. People will quickly discover that your site is "fake" and unlike it. Remember: do not censor your page as long as it's possible.

Try turning negative comments on your Facebook site into something positive. It gives you the chance to explain your mistakes, show your concern about your clients and so on. Also – maybe satisfied users will respond to those negative comments? Just imagine the credibility you will gain if positive responses will appear from other customers not from you!

Third Example: Being Too Serious

You company's Facebook page should not look like your company's site. Just creating it and posting a few links to your products is certainly not enough. You need to engage you followers and fans. And posting only pictures of the things you are selling will not engage many people.

You should manage your Facebook site in a different way – consider your target group before posting something. Who do you want to attract to your site? With what do you want to be associated? Ask questions, create a contest, post tips, links to interesting videos – do a lot of different things. If you are going to create a Facebook page of your company and then leave it without updating it, better not create it in the first place.

Forth Example: Forgetting It Is About Quality Not Quantity

Why you created this FB page? To promote your products. Right. And you probably think the more posts updates the better. Well, that is not exactly right. The more the "spammer". So updating the page every hour will be viewed by you followers as spamming and they will ignore your posts.

Update your Facebook page wisely and not every hour! Inform your potential customers, give them some photos of new products in one post (not a different photo – different post). Your goal is to attract people to your brand, not to annoy them.

A company's Facebook page can help you build a loyal customer base. But you should never forget that managing FB page is a different job than just selling your product through your official internet website or online store. That is why I reminded you that 4 examples of how NOT to manage you company's Facebook page. I hope you'll find them useful!

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