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The more experienced I become with social media marketing the more I realize it's a lot like the dating scene. Businesses just getting started often want instant results. That just is not possible, just as it is not likely (or advised) to jump from the first date right into marriage without a little courting in between. Let me explain.

Businesses using Facebook or Twitter to find and court potential customers should plan on spending some time looking at customer bios and researching their prospects before making any connections. Does the business you're interested in have goals that align with yours? Can you see the potential for a long term relationship, or is this going to be just a couple dates? Are they located near you, or will this need to be a virtual or long distance relationship? These details are important before moving forward with relationship building. Know what your strategy is and why you're pursuing this particular customer before moving forward.

Once you've decided who you'd like to get to know the person you reach out, timidly at first, in the hopes that they will notice you and reciprocate. Maybe they'll follow you back, or make a comment on your Facebook page. Sometimes you'll get a direct message, or a request for your contact information. The anticipation is high here, and you're excited when they notice you. Even so, this is not the time to rush right in. Move slow. Retweet them, compliment them on their Facebook tab. Say something that says you're friendly and ready to engage. Focus on finding a commonality and try to nurture the relationship for awhile.

Once you've noticed each other and have translated a few tweets or comments, introduce them to your Twitter family by including them in your #FollowFriday listings a few times. See if your family likes them. See if they qualify by including you in their #FollowFriday tweets.

Finally, once you've interacted for awhile and have developed a good working rapport, it's time to reach out and ask if you can send out a salesperson, or give them a call to discuss your products, or invite them to purchase your eBook, whatever it is you are marketing. Pop the question! It's nerve-wracking, I know, and you might be rejected, but this is what you're working toward and you have to just work up the nerve when the time is right and go for it. The worst that can happen is they'll say no, or ignore you, or even unfollow you, right? The best, you make a sale or earn a new client. That risk is worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Start researching those bios.

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