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You may have noticed many social networking users have integrated funny video content into their profiles to provide a more entertaining experience for people in their friends list. This is a short tutorial to show how you too can add some funny videos to your MySpace, Facebook profile or blog.

You may think that you need your own web space to host the funny videos that you would like to share with your friends. This is not the case; Many of the funny video websites on the internet allow you to play their videos from your own webpage while the video is hosted on their server. All you need to do is find your favorite funny video on a website such as YouTube and look for a section that says 'Embed'.

To embed the funny video into your MySpace profile you will need to log into your account and edit your profile. You will then need to choose the section where you want the funny video to appear and copy and paste the code from the funny video site in to your MySpace profile. Save your profile and then reload the page in your browser and the funny video should appear embedded on your profile.

To embed a funny video into your Facebook profile you will need to install a video player application such as YouTube Video Box. You can find it in the application section of Facebook with a few other video applications. Once you have installed YouTube Video Box it will ask you to post a video. Instead of pasting the embed code from the funny video on YouTube you will need to enter the video URL from your web browsers address bar into the textbox and click "Save".

You could also upload your own funny video to a video site like YouTube and then embed the video onto your website without using up valuable web space on your own server.

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