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Choosing a SEO friendly domain name puts you on the right track to achieve success in the virtual world. Search engine rankings receive a remarkable boost from domain names that focus heavily on keywords targeting your core business objectives. These SEO friendly domain names help you in enticing your target audience, increasing your online conversions and opening multiple revenue streams for your online enterprise.

Have a glance at the simple steps that you can follow to have a good SEO friendly domain name:

Insert Keywords in the domain name: Keywords trigger the success of domain names by playing an active role in making the SEO process run at a higher speed and at a better Click Through Rate (CTR). These keyword-rich domain names serve as sign post and build strong website-niche relationship. Also if the URL of the website is constited by keywords, Google indexes it fast and the website theme also appears uniform through.

Choose a top level domain (TLD) name: TLDs continue to rule the Internet business, especially .com (the most extensively used TLD). Since it is the most popular domain extension, you must try to get your domain name ending with .com as it would make your users recall it fast. Although there are instances of many successful websites with other domain extensions too, yet .com happens to be the most preferred choice of netizens across the globe.

Insert SEO friendly Inbound Links: Links are highly recommended since these play a considerable role in SEO. The keyword-rich domain names give way to SEO friendly inbound links as many netizens try to connect with your website using your domain name. If your website is devoid of SEO friendly inbound links, the search engines draw an inference that your website has no relevant content. However, the inbound links that you acquire must be quality links as poor links can adversely affect your SEO endeavors. Here, stay away from 'Black Hat SEO'.

Easy-to-remember domain names: A domain name must be short and easy to remember so that the users recall it fast and there is heavy web traffic to your website. There would be increased scope of conversion and online sales for your business. Avoid tricky and complicated domain names as they may work against the success of your online business.

Avoid hyphenated domain names: It's recommended that you must avoid hyphenated domain names as these give rise to a large number of complications and users tend to forget the positioning of hyphens in the domain name very easily. The results can be very detrimental since a large number of your visitors can be misled to other similar named websites, all without any hyphens.

Attract great Type-In Traffic: Some of the users have a tendency to type the keyword directly into their URL bar and add a '.com' extension to the same. Here, I'd advise you to select a domain name that organizes an exact keyword that matches your business as the chances of higher web traffic get a remarkable boost.

Choose a good Web Host: Another way of getting good domain name ideas is to select a good web host that also offers domain name registration . Currently, there are many good web hosting companies operating in the market such as LimeDomains, Network Solutions, Hostgator etc. wherein you can type in your domain name ideas and check for the availability of domain names. If those are available, you get the suggestions of domain names using which you can make your final choice of a domain name.

Once you've made your choice and get a domain name registered from a web host, it gets circulated through the World Wide Web within hours. However, choose for the longest term available as search engines do take into consideration the period for which you own a domain name.

With all the tips handy, you're all set to choose a SEO friendly domain name for your online business.
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