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If you are a small business then price might seem like your primary consideration when choosing the web designer you want to build your business website and/or logo. Unfortunately, business owners often learn the hard way that picking the absolute lowest priced graphics design company tends to cost more money, time and headaches than are initially expected.

This is the case because the vast majority of ultra-low-priced logo and website creators are based in under-developed countries where environmental circumstances, time zone differences and your lack of recourse against the service provider often leads to low quality products, over-extended project deadlines, difficulties with communication and sometimes outright fraud.

Thus, when business owners require professional website development services they really have to look at more than just price.

Communication, reliability, expert knowledge and professional conduct are four of the most important elements to be considered in the pursuit of a website design company that is truly going to provide you with service you’ll love and the high quality website or logo you need.

So how can you as a business owner determine if a company you’re considering having build your website is going to provide excellent service?

First, take a look at their business website. Does their site look profession? Does their site have a unique design style that required custom work…or does it look like a basic template anyone could have built? Do they have a portfolio of work you like? Does the company have a ‘Contact Us’ page and ‘Live Chat?’

Second, identify a product or service you like that the company provides and then contact them via Live Chat or email. A phone can be answered and at anytime…a person can literally be walking in the park and still answer a phone call. To be effective, web designers need to be at their computers to complete work and thus observing email and Live Chat response times are great ways to get an initial glimpse of how well someone will communicate with you from a productive location.

Once you have concluded the screening process by reviewing the website service providers’ site and contacting them via Live Chat, email or even via the phone then the final step is to look at prices. If you feel comfortable with a particular web designer / website design company AND the price they offer you fits your budget then you should dive in and get your website and/or logo designed!

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