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How to Choose a Website Designer

Picking the right website designer is a great challenge to businesses. Business owners hire a web development company to create their new website that would represent their company online. The Internet will allow people too navigate the web and learn more about your products and service.

Roles of people in the development of a website

A graphic designer makes use of images and text to present information. He creates the graphics, logo and buttons and is responsible for the total appearance and experience of the site.

A web designer conceptualizes, plans, models, and executes electronic media delivery via Internet in the form of Markup language suitable for interpretation by web browsers and display as graphical user interface (GUI).

A website programmer makes use of the design created by the designer and translates the requirements of end-user and creates the code to make the site run.

An internet marketing specialist helps businesses determine if the website go well with the company's overall marketing strategy and how to get more demand and sales from the website.

These people may not appear exactly as described. Sometimes a single designer is capable of doing all of the above mentioned. How will businesses know what a good quality designer is and how much would it cost them for hiring that designer?

A company may ask other companies if they can recommend some designers. The company could also search on Google, MSN or Yahoo or in the local web portal using keywords like "web design city_name" or "web design area_name". Then they should start checking websites for information about the designer. After which they may look for text or link that says "website designed by company_name" and the like.

The company should visit the website created by those designers and make a list of sites that they like and dislike. Once this is achieved, the company should submit their specs to the website design company for a bid request.

Word of mouth is always the best choice but if it's not an option then this guideline should help.

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