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Contrary to the Declaration of Independence, all men are not created equal. In the spirit of this article, it is website design companies that are not created equal – especially when it comes to service, creative ability, price, and marketing skills. Everyone these days knows someone that can build a website, but what kind of website are you expecting?

Let’s say that you know this college student that is taking courses to become a website designer. This person shows promise at first glance. Their creative work looks professional, their mother is friends with your wife/husband, and they are cheap to hire.

It sounds like this kid is perfect for the job, so you hire him as your new website designer. The kid delivers the website to you within 60 days. It looks great and everything is just as it is supposed to be. A few months later you need to get some changes made to the website, so you call him up.

The phone rings and goes to voicemail, and you leave a message – telling him you need to change some things around because your business is adapting to the competitive environment. A few days go by and no response, so you decide to email your website designer to follow up on your voicemail. You are sure to get a response this way, since all tech guys use email religiously.

A few more days go by, and still no response. You then decide to give his mother that you and your wife/husband know a call. When you get her on the phone, she mentions that her son just got a new girlfriend, and she hasn’t spoken with him much herself. You ask her to have him call you when they talk next. She agrees.

A month goes by – still no contact with your talented website designer. Now you have a decision to make…you can keep the website like it is, try to find another “competent” website designer to make the changes to the existing website, or redesign the entire website with a professional company.

If you hire another out of HOME website designer, you run the risk of the same problem happening again, but with maybe a different excuse (too busy, haven’t felt like doing it, my girlfriend dumped me and I am too depressed to work, etc.). Believe it or not…this is a very common scenario when you choose to have your website built by an out of HOME website designer.

By deciding to have a professional website design company take over your project and redesign the entire website, you get what you didn’t have before…service. When you need changes made, they get done. You pay extra for that service, but you are sure to get the job done in a timely manner because that is what web design companies do for a living.

Now back to the initial statement…not all website designers are created equal. Some are good at design, but can’t help you at all with programming cool features into the site or get you ranked on the search engines. Some are cheap, but outsource work or don’t have enough talent to win you any website awards.

What are your priorities? Do you want an incredible looking website that ranks highly in the search engines, and one that you can get changes made to it easily? If yes, then you will probably only find one company out of twenty that will fit the bill.

Do you want a website just to say you have a website? Pick anyone. Do you want a website that uses a lot of cool looking Flash and has a lot of features? If so, then see if the company has won any awards in design, has had a website featured on as the site of the day, or some other accolade for their work with Flash. They will be your best bet.

Because there are so many companies and individuals offering website design services, you really need to look closely at your goals to find the right fit.

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