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How to create image ads in Google Adwords using display ad builder?

Normal image ads require a very high quality image and don’t get many clicks because of the lack of text. This is where the display ad builder solves the problem with it creating the perfect balance of text and image.

 Why create image ads?

Image ads in Google Adwords have much less competition and also a much higher click through rate because they stand out and because there is more space to promote your website or product.

 How to use display ad builder?

Display ad builder is a tool integrated in Google Adwords that allows you to easily create image ads. When you are creating a new ad you simply click on display ad builder rather than a text ad. In the display ad builder first you choose which template you are going to use, you then name the ad which is not shown on the ad. This is purely for your easy recognition. Then you must choose a title and although it is an ad you still must use keywords so that your ad gets scored well by Google. Make sure the title is also catchy and stands out. The description should provide as much information on the product or website as possible. This will ensure that the people who do click on the ad which will cost you money are interested in the website. Then you must add an image to the ad it should be catchy and stand out. The display URL should be the base URL of the website and the hidden URL should be whatever page you are sending the person to.

 How to choose killer keywords for your ad?

You want to choose many keywords but keywords that are relevant to your site. This will ensure that you aren’t wasting your money on clicks. You still need to pick plenty of keywords or you will not get many clicks.

 What you should bid per click?

That really depends on the keywords you have chosen. Image ads will have much less of a cost but you will still need to pay for clicks. I have paid 1 cent per click for certain ads that were niche targeted. As a general rule I like to bid ten percent under what each visitor is worth to me.

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