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These days, each and every website designer needs to have a fair amount of knowledge of search engine optimization. Web promotion is not something which online marketers require as website designers also need this at some point of time to have that much required traffic at their websites or at their clients' website. The website designers and developers, who have not yet understood the importance of Search Engine Optimization, need to comprehend that it is a value added service and with this their site will probably achieve higher rankings immediately.

Steps To Learn SEO Friendly Web Design

Learning to design an excellent Search Engine friendly incorporated website is not a joke, it requires a systematic approach.

SEO Friendly Website Design List: Anyone who is designing a SEO friendly website has to keep in mind few things which hold relevancy from the Search engine optimization point of view. Some must haves for a SEO friendly website design that the web designer has to keep on priority list include searched keywords in URL, CSS style sheets, appropriate keyword density, well researched keywords in the header tags and anchor tags. The things that should be avoided while designing a SEO friendly include frames, use of flash and excess images in the text area.

Research Keywords: When design a Search Engine friendly site, needs to learn how to carry out the research for keywords. Another thing that every website designer learning is SEO friendly website has to learn is to make effective use of word tracker. The designer has to understand that word tracker is a highly effective keyword research tool from which one can find relevant database that could help one grab the attention of prospective audience. The two main things that a web site designer has to learn are competition search and the misspelling search.

Place Researched Keywords in Different Tags: Researching for the keyword is a complex chore, but what holds more complexity is correct placement of reviewed keywords. Keyword stuffing needs to be avoided in the title and the header tags.

Placing Keywords in the URL: Inclusion of keywords in the URL of the website is also an important task that every website designer learning to create Search Engine friendly websites has to keep in mind. If one is having multiple words that need to be placed in the URL, then appropriately separated dashes have to be used.

Use of Images: Apart from the logo or any other specific symbol, the text of the website should be kept away from images. The size and the placement of the image also need to be watched.

Any website designer who keeps these things in mind while creating a SEO website can come out with something exceptional and that too without much effort.

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