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The importance of a wonderful user interface is not hidden from anyone anymore. Everyone knows how important it is to make a good looking app. At first, it is the good looks that attract users and then the functionalities follow. All of us know that the first impression is the last one and if a user likes way an app looks, he will proceed with it; else he will uninstall it immediately. So, an amazing looking mobile application is the key to your success.

If you are planning to get an app for your business, the first condition is to make it look good. Instead of doing it on your own, it is a good idea to hire a mobile application development company. However, make sure you speak to the developers before they start designing your app template. There are a lot of important factors which should be taken into the consideration when designing mobile app templates for Android or iOS. So, make sure you tell your developer to keep the following points in mind in order to design a killer mobile application template…

1. Interactive: Users like the interactive interface, so you can surprise them with the unusual features. However, make sure that it does not become difficult for them to use it otherwise they will not like them. So, maintain the consistency and go with the flow.

2. Easy to use: Most designers forget that the application is going to be used by the novice users as well as experts. Novice users are going to make mistakes when using the app and experts will flow through it seamlessly. So, make sure you design the template in such a way that novice users also find it simple and easy.

3. Back button: The back button must be the operating system specific. If the default back button can serve the cause in Android apps, keep the back button in the top left corner for iOS apps, as that is where users will expect it to have. So, make sure you do it as per the OS you are working for.

4. Ideal button size: It has been noticed that people generally use their thumbs to press the button in the mobile application. So, you must keep that in mind while deciding the size of the buttons as well the distance between two buttons.

5. Popular icons: there are a lot of icons that have been used widely in the market since quite a long now, so the novice users as well as experts are aware of those signs. So, make sure you use them into your application to make the user interface of your application more intuitive.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important factors to consider when designing a mobile app template, it is advisable for you to keep the above mentioned points in mind and make sure your developer puts them into practice so as to design a killer template. Good luck with that!

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