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The days of needing a master’s level education in web development have gone and have been replaced with systems that allow the most novice individuals and business owners to design your own website.

First Choose a Name for Your Website

In order to do so, you will want to register your domain name and sign up for a hosting account on the internet. There are many options for this, but you want to find a host that will allow you to use the WordPress program to run your website. If they do not have it available for you preinstalled, then keep searching, there are plenty who will.

Why You Need Your Own Hosting

Once you have your domain name, such as mybusiness.com setup, you will want to point it to your hosting servers. This can be a rather tricky process at first, but both your domain provider and hosting service should be willing to help with this. Ask your hosting provider for the DNS server names and give this to your domain provider and they will set it up for you. When you design your own website, you want to keep things as simple as possible. Hosting providers who are unwilling to help you in setup should be avoided.

Its Never Been Easier to Make Websites

Now that you have things setup, you can design your own website by logging into your new domain through the WordPress login. Typically, this is mybusiness.com/wp-admin. Your setup process sets the password. You will begin by installing a theme that catches your attention. Once this is installed, you can begin adding pages, posting, information and other smaller programs called plugins and widgets. These add functions such as automatically sending your posts to Twitter for you. As you play around with your new site, you will begin to see how things work together and will have it running in no time.

You Now Have Your Website

Though the process to design your own website may seem complicated at first, through programs such as WordPress, you really just need to know how to follow simple directions in order to have your own site up and running. If you begin to get into extended functionality, you may want to learn some html, but it will not be needed for a professional and fully functioning website.

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