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Facebook is the one of the largest social networking website in the history of Internet. But being big is also the problem for both Facebook and for the users which uses it. As the number of Facebook users goes on increasing there are also risk involving with Facebook users with some fake profiles.

Yes these fake profiles, are real nuisance in your profiles. They might be stranger you might not know them but they are still in your friends list. Do you still believe in that profiles. Are they real?? This is the big questions which revolves around now-a-days. As per Facebook there are over 500 million active Facebook users. Out of them how many are fake are still unknown. By fake I mean to say how may are the profiles which makes embarrassments to others.

So i have researched it out and got 5 different ways to detect a fake Facebook profile which might be added in your friends list or may be just harassing you.

1. Friends list of the fake profile.

Check out its friend list. Yes it may give a clue to you. If it has more than thousands of friends, its time to raise your doubts. Yes a person may have a more than thousands of friends but not many, See your own friends list, it may just touch up around 1K. But having around 4k-5k friends in their list can be just not easily acceptable. How can one have almost 4000 -5000 friends??

For example suppose you gets a friend request of a GIRL or a BOY(opposite to your gender…yes you may start blushing). Look at the current friend lists of that request profile. Just check out the number of his/her friends and actually who are they? If a profile has more number of friends of opposite gender rather than its own. It might be a FAKE.

2. Check activities of that profiles.

Yes, their activities. This can be more important. Usually a spam profile might just create a Facebook profile with just email address and might not be looking to complete his profile and just start sending friend and Apps request to you. This might sometime embarrass you. That a person is just flooding your emails and notifications with too many apps request which you don’t even want to use.

Their activities might also tell you that the person on the other side whom you have just added is real or a fake. Look upon their Likes and there info. This might also gives you an hint whether that person is active or not and not just another spammer to you.

3. Images and videos.

You may be uploading all your stuff on the Facebook, either images or it may be your videos and share it with your friends. For detecting a fake profile, look out at his/her photos and videos. Also check out for the pics that others of his friends list have tagged that person on the pic. This might also give you a hint.

That person may (if you have added him/her in your friends list) may even tag you in some pics which may contain explicit or sexual material and it may cause you embarrassment as it gets shown on your wall and most of your friends are watching it.

Remove those tags first and remove that person immediately. You must report/block that person telling Facebook about it. You may find this of report/block link in his/her profile.

4. Check out links which they update or share.

Facebook, as it grows large has become a spam-book. With lost of spam,just flooding your emails and your notification, sometimes it just feels weird to look on all of them and just believe in them.

Some of the spam were like “Get a T-shirt from Facebook.” or “Pay this much amount to keep your Facebook account active.” Beware, these are just big SPAMS. They might take you to an external link and might even cause harm to your desktop or device.

Spams can also be spread through Facebook chat. Yes they might tell you download this software for video-calling and you end downloading it and gets a virus attack in your system as well as your browser and even your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

Check the profile who is flooding your emails and notification with these kind of SPAMS. Remove that person immediately.

5. POKE him/her.

Yes this can be funny idea, but it can also work to find out whether its fake or not. As I have mentioned in my first point of checking his/her friends. Poke him. If he/she pokes back,poke again. Also message him/her.Usually a spammer doesn’t feel the need in replying to all messages or poke they have received.

Their main aim is to just SPAM. Thus you may also check out this step and find out whether the person on the other side is real or FAKE.

Comment below if you have these type of spammers or fake profiles in your friends list and also how you got rid of them. Also share your thoughts and write a review of the above mentioned steps if you have followed them.

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