How to Differentiate Between Creative, Custom and Responsiv…

How to Differentiate Between Creative, Custom and Responsiv…

How to Differentiate Between Creative, Custom and Responsiv…

As you all must know how important website has become these days for any online business. It does not matter what service you offer to the customer, what matters is how your online presence is in internet marketing. Getting a good traffic, making your web page rank best in search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing are some important factors you need to consider while building a site. It is not just an option to promote your business, but has now become a necessity to earn good revenue out of it. When designing a website there are a number of styles which you will come across, Out of these popular are custom, creative and responsive website design. You must know to differentiate between creative, custom and responsive website design to make sure that you start your website with right approach of designing.

What is Custom Website Design?

Many people look for the companies who can make custom website deigned. It is for the business who wants to scale out the value of their attractive yet catchy online presence. To make the website, certain tools with highly qualified SEO services and good team web developers is needed. Such type of sites are for the people who want to start their online marketing by simply one page, email address or make more complex web site in terms of design and content. Usually the site is made as per the specification with some creativity and professionalism. It will include polls, PDF documents, contact forms, text, password protected log, photographs, guest books, etc with lot other features. The site is designed as per your expectations along with the necessary details which you want to add in.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Such type of website is usually made with the combination of CSS and W3C along with proper fluid proportion-based grids. It helps to make the layout with flexible images. Many users across the world uses this type of website to get more traffic and have the access to single source of content, with easy navigation, scrolling and planning system. Such type of website consist of three basic features:

Good responsive images

Media queries

Easy to understand content

Flexible grid

What is Creative Website Design?

Creative website is basically made with the combination of Photoshop, Fireworks and other features are necessary for making the site look appealing to the viewers. Such type of website is more popular among the people who simply want to sell of their product. It is great demand due to the popularity of flash, photo editing features, and other advanced technologies which are added to make the site look the best.

Which One to Go For?

Choosing the right website design completely depend on the users interest. Attracting the visitor with any good website is the first thing any company will think of. Some visitors land up on your site because of high-ranking on search engines due to which, your site gets more traffic without working much in the design. It may be content or some other features due to which your site comes on search engine. In custom website design, the visitors get the maximum out of the minimal clicks and easy to use navigation system. This saves most of their time and money from visiting online sites. For any visitor, if a result does not show up quickly then the site is of no use to them. Out of the conclusion made, with creative content, easy to use website and some professional features custom designed websites are prefer more over other styles of website deigns with complete user satisfaction.

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