How To Do Google AdWords

How To Do Google AdWords

Google AdWords or Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is a quick way of marketing an online business and allows advertisers to test ideas in a matter of days instead of months. Done properly it can be done with a small budget of a few hundred dollars.

With PPC programs such as AdWords, small business owners can test an idea and immediately get their offer out to test the response to it to determine whether or not it will profitable. This is a way of quickly asking the market what they want and they are answering back in a very short time frame.

Most marketers fail to realize the power of the internet when it comes to market research and so they view it simply as a way to put their product in front of their market, still just hiring it will sell. They take a "build it and they will come" approach when they could save them a lot of time, money and agony in the long run by properly researching their market first and testing it with a PPC campaign.

With PPC advertising you can advertise directly what you are selling right now to your target market. You only pay when a prospect clicks to your site and the price per click is the market value based on competition.

As you market PPC you should consistently focus on conversion rates as much as CTR (click through rates), so that you can improve your conversions and increase your ROI. Your main focus should be on click value, how many clicks it takes you to make a sale.

The first step in any online marketing campaign is your market research. You should not even consider spending money on AdWords, building websites, creating products or anything else until you know your market. The difference between a professional marketer and someone who is dabbling is that the professional will first find a market and then look for a product to sell and an amateur will do the opposite and try to find a market to sell their product to.

The first rule in marketing is to understand your target market, their needs and then offer them something that meets their needs. The internet gives you the ability to research your market at the click of a button and it is the first step you should take.

Researching and determining if a market is profitable is simply a matter of finding out if people are spending money in that market.

Google Keyword Tool is an excellent tool for targeting keyword phrases and identifying the amount of monthly searches.

One way to determine if the market is profitable is to see if there are advertisers spending money in that niche. Just search for your keyword in the Google search and if the results show more than about six advertisers you can safely assume there is money in this particular market. You can also verify the results by checking to see if there are books and magazines dedicated to the subject.

PPC campaigns are a matter of finding keywords in your market, writing ads, bidding on your keywords and then monitoring the traffic.

The Basic Steps To Set Up Your AdWords Campaign:

  • Research your market.
  • Find a product.
  • Conduct keyword research.
  • Check the competition.
  • Create different ad groups with one main keyword phrase per group. Each group will feature a different ad. Research an additional 10 or 20 keywords related to your main phrase for each ad group.
  • Write your ads. Create a different ad for each of your keyword groups and make sure to include your keyword in the headline.
  • Track your campaigns.

You will want to moderate your plans by setting your daily budget as well as the maximum CPC you are willing to pay for each keyword. Once your daily budget has been met, Google will simply stop showing your ad for the reminder of the day.

Some advocating that it is better to set a lower CPC rather than lowering your budget because it's better to be shown on the eighth position for the whole day rather than the second position for part of the day. There are also some statistics that show ads in lower positions tend to generate more sales and convert better.

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