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The purpose of making a website is to communicate with the outsiders about a company and to provide adequate information that is relevant for that person to make a decision to transact with the company. It is always advisable that a web designer tries much to make the site content readable by doing a professional design that will actually enhance that. The following points will assist a web designer enhance readability in the site he or she is designing:

1. Make your lines shorter. You have got to check the length of the lines and ensure that they are not too long to strain the readers as they are rolling their eyes from one place to the other. Just like in newspaper and magazines design, you should try to make use of the columns instead of having long lines. Let the lines be less than 500 pixels if possible.

2. Make your pages shorter. Still to enhance the readability your site, you have got to make your pages shorter. It is recommended that a page should work for you well if it is not more than 1000 pixels.

3. Check the color backgrounds. It is highly recommended that you make use of the background colors in a way that content will be readable. Try to use contrasting colors but avoid putting a lot of texts on textured backgrounds. This will make the reader strain to get what is inside the background.

4. Check your font size. A good website should not torment the reader's eyes as he or she is training to read. You have to put large fonts that will indeed enhance the readability.

5. Check the spacing. Do not economize the lines too much to fit in as particular page by minimizing the spacing.

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