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How To Find A Puncture In An MLM – Network Marketing Company

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To locate and recognize a hole in an MLM / Network Marketing company you need to have a technique with a checklist.

For example: What do you do when looking for a puncture in a bicycle tyre.?

First you fill a bowl with water. Take the flat innertube from inside the tyre. Pump up the inner tube then systematically place the tube under the water, section by section until you see some air bubbles rising from the inner. Then continue to the end of the innertube to ensure there are no more punctures. Exam the split or hole to see if it or they can be repaired.

If the split or whole can not be repaired then throw away the tube and buy a new one. If it is just a small puncture then dry the inner tube and fix the puncture with a puncture repair kit. Once the glue has dried place the inner tube back under the water to check that puncture is sealed. Then replace the inner tube back into the tire etc.

When looking at or creating a HOME based business in the network marketing / MLM industry these are the five very important techniques that you need to systematically follow to look for and recognize a potential puncture.

Checklist To An MLM / Network Marketing Company.

1. Company Management Experience With Integrity.

Who runs the company and what integral experience experience do they have. Can they spell "MLM".? Read the company contract.

2. Timing In The Company And Timing In The Industry.

How long has the company been running, is it too long or short in the tooth. Does the company have a place for its products in the market place. Short trend products are not suitable for people who want to create a long term residual income.

3. A Product That Is Remarkable.

A product you would buy even if it did not have a business opportunity with it and that is at a competitive price.

4. A Compensation Plan That Pays Part Time People

A compensation plan that pays the most amount of money with the least amount of people and pays all the way down the levels at retail.

5. Systems For Success

One of the most important of the five, does it have a duplicable system that anyone can follow and can be duplicated way down deep into the levels of your organization.

To have the optimum success in this great industry you need to have all of the five points in this checklist in place. If you do not then you have a puncture. If the puncture can be repaired then no problem but if it can not then you need to just like the unrepairable inner tube, throw it away and get a new one. You will need to find an MLM / Network Marketing company that has all five on the checklist.

Be Objective – Look On The Inside, Not Just On The Outside.

Be objective when you check for punctures in any MLM / Network Marketing company; just like you would when systematically checking the bicycle ty by taking out the inner tube first. Look on the inside not just on the outside. Do not let any emotional attachment impair your judgment.

If you do not follow these guidelines then just like the bicycle ty always always flat if you do not take out the inner tube and take a look, so it will be with your chances of success in the MLM / Network Marketing industry.

To learn and read more about the MLM / Network Marketing Industry you can download a free ebook the resource the link below.